Build and Deploy Technology Ecosystems to Revolutionize Operations

As the digital age continues to bring about several improvements, the range of IT services are expanding every day. Information technology (IT) services encompass a broad scope, including systems administration, cloud computing, computer networking, mobile device management, web hosting and several others.

To enable seamless integration of these services, enterprises need to modernize by building and deploying enterprise platforms. Technology platforms benefit organizations in several ways, including:

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Cost reduction

Reduced costs

Greater scalability

Improved scalability

Furthermore, when companies make use of microservices and application programming interfaces (APIs), they enhance their capabilities to form entire ecosystems for monetizing their data. This brings the significant advantage of proactively strengthening relationships with clients as well as suppliers.

Application Life Management (ALM) Methods are Critical to Delivery

According to research from Trasers(Trianz Research), one of the largest global databases on digital transformation, two times as many companies that lead in digitalization – so-called “digital champions” – have boldly changed their approach to modern applications delivery as others in all industries. These digital champions use cutting-edge ALM methods to streamline their IT services and delivery.

Advanced ALM Methods Usage

Stages of Adoption of Cloud

Source: Trasers(Trianz Research)


Managed Services

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We Help Build and Deploy the Right Way

As your enterprise’s partner in building and deploying platforms, Trianz can radically transform your technology and IT services and delivery, helping businesses modernize swiftly before the doors have closed on them. With our extensive network of leading platform-building and deployment vendors, Trianz has unlocked exponential business value to help clients succeed through our frameworks.

Our Enterprise Data Platform-Building and Deployment Capabilities

The Trianz team has versatile abilities. Our experts are able to work with any customized platform-building and deployment methodology that an enterprise has in place. Otherwise, you can also choose to use, Trianz’s in-house cloud managed services platform, detailed below., Trianz’s In-House Cloud Managed Services Platform

Concierto focuses on collapsing the entirely of your company’s cloud management into a unified shared-services model. The greatest part of cloud services are managed using automated job schedulers, while the remainder use skilled specialists to manage complex tasks. Therefore, high levels of automation reduce the reliance on your human resources, who can, as a result, turn the majority of their attention to more skill-based business projects.


Our Development Operations and Applications Management Service Features:

We also ensure that your enterprise has the capacity to continually manage new application activities with our automated and integrated development operations (DevOps) model.

Cloud Migration

Consistent Service Delivery

  • Fast response to service interruptions

  • Minimizing the mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to remediation (MTTR)

  • Maintaining high service uptimes

  • Eliminating performance bottlenecks that affect service quality

Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service

Personal Responsibility

  • Better control of your infrastructure and applications

  • Improved accountability through tracking developer actions

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery ensures all changes are tracked and labelled to the developer

Cloud Operations Management Model

Trianz Advantage

  • Faster design, development, and testing

  • Rapid deployment and product release cycles

  • Responsiveness to business and customer needs

  • Digital transformation and value creation

Feel the Impact with Trianz as Your Cloud Platform Partner

By partnering with a firm like Trianz, whose team is well-versed in building and deploying enterprise platforms, and who will support you throughout the entire process, the impact on your organization will be very tangible.

  • Increased speed of delivery

    With Trianz’s platform build and deploy services, clients can quickly build, test and deploy code for eliminating bugs, enhancing mission-critical functionality.

  • Security and stability of service

    Our experts make sure to implement cybersecurity protection efficiently while also minimizing downtime and providing 24x7x365 technical support to client enterprises.

  • Predictability

    Trianz capabilities can offer you better scalability, flexibility and reliability during the development cycle, resulting in more resilient and agile services that deliver a better user experience.

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