What Is Competitive Benchmarking of Security?

While the urgency of digital transformations is well-known, the big challenge is how to prioritize. In an environment of limited financial resources and narrow windows of opportunity, getting it right the first time is all that matters.

Digital Enterprise Evolution Model™ - Cybersecurity Capability

Security Evolution Curve

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Our security benchmarking helps clients understand where their capabilities lie on the maturity curve both in absolute and competitive terms. These insights are based on data from benchmarking the client’s capabilities against industry peers and the best-in-class overall. This helps clients know where gaps are vis-a-vis the competition and where to invest their time, efforts and resources to maximize their returns.

Through a series of exhaustive surveys, we benchmark capabilities in the following areas:

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence

Data Security

Data security

Information Protection Processes

Information protection processes

Anomalies Detection and Management

Anomalies detection and management

Security Continuous Monitoring

Security continuous monitoring

Self-Defending AI and Security Systems

Self-defending AI & security systems

The Most Successful Digital Transformations Are Powered by Security Capabilities

Just about 7% of companies are fully delivering on the promise of their transformational initiatives. We call them ‘Digital Champions.’

96% of Digital Champions report that their compliance needs would be met completely in times of crisis. This highlights the way Digital Champions understand the importance of compliance and regulation in business continuity planning during crisis.

Find out what they are really investing in by double clicking specific capabilities they target to learn what’s really making the difference.

Each industry and business is unique, and we help you understand what security capabilities to target given the nature of your specific business, competitors and peers.

Readiness to Address Compliance Needs : Digital Champions

Readiness to Address Compliance Needs Digital Champions

Source: Trasers


Benchmarking provides you with insights on your digital maturity on a standalone basis and competitive gaps at a sub-function and at an overall level, giving you the confidence to execute an effective transformation.

Our Digital Benchmarking Data And Research Capabilities

Our benchmarking services are powered by over 1.5 million datapoints we have already collected, as well as our primary research and further data collection capabilities. With access to leaders across more than 40,000 companies from various size segments, industries and geographies around the world, we are able to gather additional data very quickly to address company- and industry-specific questions.

Reports based on data collected from thousands of Business and IT decision makers globally

Digital Transformation Data Digital Transformation Data

Source: Trasers

Based on data collected from more than 5,000 companies spanning 20 industries, Trianz has developed a multi-stage model to measure where companies lie on the digital continuum, and how they have evolved before becoming a leader. We call it the “Digital Enterprise Evolution Model” or DEEM. It is crafted at the level of a business function or a digital technology discipline. Benchmarking tells you where your organization is on this continuum relative to industry peers and the best-in-class.

Know Your Digital Maturity Within Weeks

Our benchmarking process is a combination of digitally collected data and interviews with leaders in your organization. Data is entered into the Trasers repository and analyzed in comparison to peer companies and leaders across industries. For a business or an IT function, we are able to complete our process and provide you with a customized report within 6-8 weeks.

Benchmarking Engagement Approach & General Timelines

Know your digital maturity within weeks

Source: Trasers

Output from our benchmarking process is used to crystallize a vision for your organization based on strategic priorities, ROI and to develop execution roadmaps and plans.

State of Digital Transformation

State of Digital Transformation
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