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Many enterprises today are failing to innovate due to the inefficiencies of their legacy applications. While investing in application modernization will bring new life to legacy systems, it is imperative for digital leaders to know the safety requirements for modernizing legacy technologies. This includes regulatory compliance obligations, chances for loss of data logic, and third-party integration capabilities.

One way to avoid common pitfalls in legacy application modernization is to leverage the world’s fastest and most reliable infrastructure available. By modernizing applications with AWS, enterprises can build innovative apps with a serverless architecture, re-platform legacy applications to modern AWS-managed containers, or overhaul delivery pipelines using a modern DevOps model.

No matter the size or scope of the initiative, AWS’ wide breadth of services helps to ensure you choose the application modernization pathway that fits your business.


Benefits of AWS Application Modernization

With AWS, offloading the infrastructure management and maintenance costs can not only reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 64%, but it can also help you realize the following:


Faster Time to Market
Docker containers make apps easier to scale and develop, accelerating the speed of build-and-release cycles.

Increased Agility

Increased Agility
Modular microservices architecture increases team agility by allowing changes to individual components.


Improved Reliability
Deploy reliable modern apps by automating development processes and gain enhanced lifecycle development monitoring.


Reduced Disruption
Modular microservices architecture allows for component experimentation and changes to occur with minimal risk to the SDLC.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security
Using RBAC, single sign on & multi-account environment, AWS enables teams to provision and operate without sacrificing business agility and governance.

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited Scalability
Enable teams to support a single instance or scale to thousands of instances for continuous delivery, integration, and improvement.

Are you looking to accelerate migration timelines?

Evove can analyze, convert and optimize existing enterprise data platforms for a more accurate, rapid, and efficient migration process. Reach out to learn more about how Trianz migration specialists can help you decrease time-to-market.

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AWS Application Modernization Advantage

Whether managing and running apps in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment — AWS provides the proven tools for infrastructure provisioning, orchestration, security, networking, automation, and monitoring.



  • AWS Fargate brings serverless capability for underlying compute needed to support Linux & Windows based containers
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances manually defines compute, storage, and network capabilities of the infrastructure.
  • Orchestration


  • Amazon Elastic Container Service(ECS) , a fully managed container orchestration service that helps you easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications. It provides a secure and easy-to-use solution for running container workloads in the cloud and now on your infrastructure with Amazon ECS Anywhere.
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) a managed kubernetes service makes it easy to operate kubernetes orchestration on AWS and on-premise
  • Security


  • AWS IAM, VPC & network segmentation, Security Groups & NACLs, SCPs, Flowlogs, GuardDuty make the platform secure with different standards & controls
  • Ability to implement security controls by native & 3rd party providers
    1. Container image hardening & continuous scanning using ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry)
    2. Controlled access to the APIs
    3. Implementing end-end TLS
    4. Restrict administrative boundaries between resources
    Networking and Connectivity

    Networking and Connectivity

  • AWS Global Accelerator and Elastic Load balance (ELB) routes traffic for globally distributed applications running on containers, distributes application traffic across containers and serverless environments, and improves application performance.
  • AWS App Mesh makes it easy to run services by providing consistent visibility and network traffic controls, and helping you deliver secure services.
  • Automation


  • AWS CodeCommit creates a source code repository.
  • AWS CodePipeline allows configuration of a CI/CD pipeline
  • AWS CodeBuild is used to build and deploy container images.
  • AWS App Runner builds, deploys, and runs containerized web applications.
  • Observation and Monitoring

    Observation and Monitoring

  • Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights is used to monitor health and wellness of applications running in containers deployed in Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, or Kubernetes on Amazon EC2.
  • Configure AWS Kinesis Firehose & AWS Firelens for container logging in serverless environment
  • Run a health check with Docker container images to confirm your containers are running and your app is working.

  • AWS Application Modernization in Action

    Micro-Services Migration

    Micro-Services Migration

    A leading provider of prepaid debit cards needed to build a dependable, robust, and secure technology infrastructure for migrating its micro-services from on-prem to the AWS cloud platform.

    To learn how Trianz used Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and AWS services to build a container orchestration system for automating deployments, scaling, and management of containerized applications — read this case study on Micro-Services Migration From On-Premise To AWS Cloud.

    Application Scaling

    Application Scaling

    A global HealthTech provider needed to address problems caused by monolithic applications. They wanted to leverage containers to build a microservices architecture for faster automation, scalability, availability, and fault tolerance.

    To learn how Trianz helped the client scale its applications through DevOps and by building CI/CD workflows to deploy AWS cloud components — read this case study on Accelerating Decision Making with AWS Data Analytics Platform.

    Why Trianz and AWS for Your Application Modernization Initiative?

    As an AWS Advanced Partner, Trianz has the knowledge and deep domain expertise to enable our client's application modernization initiatives at scale. Our Migration and Modernization Competency stands testament that Trianz demonstrates technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering AWS services.

    To help you confidently migrate legacy applications to modern architectures, Trianz uses Evove — our proprietary tool and methodology that utilizes high levels of automation and reusable components to drive accelerated and high-accuracy migrations.

    When coordinating the orchestration of code and data migration, new infrastructure components, and transitioning and optimizing business logic, projects may become vulnerable to common pitfalls and incursion of expensive technical debt. With our expertise in large scale data migration projects coupled with Evove’s proven framework, Trianz can accelerate your migration while reducing risks in cost associated with traditional modernization initiatives.

    No matter what stage you are in your digitalization journey, Trianz is here to help you reduce TCO and reach the end state you desire when modernizing your legacy applications.



    Application modernization involves updating and optimizing legacy systems to address technology constraints, meet customer experience expectations, and support adoption and integration with newer technology platforms.

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