Managing mobile application development in the modern enterprise.

Benefit from our mobile application development expertise for effective mobile-first strategies

Businesses everywhere are scrambling to adapt as mobile devices are rapidly becoming the computing tool of choice for most consumers. In 2014, mobile devices overtook desktops in terms of total daily internet usage time. Today, according to Statista, over half of all website traffic is generated through mobile phones.

With 5G speeds on the horizon and mobile devices becoming more ubiquitous and capable than ever before, those numbers are only going to increase. And businesses have more reasons to implement mobile-first strategies:

  • Widespread Internet of Things interface needs

  • Location-based search and marketing

  • Aggregate and individual data profiling

Mobile application development isn’t a simple prospect and offers many pitfalls that can drive away users. With the mobile app market forecast to expand by 150 percent between 2014 and 2018, competition is fierce and shady outsourcing operations prolific.

That makes finding a trusted partner like Trianz almost mandatory for companies today to manage mobile application development.

Why businesses build apps

Most businesses start by engaging mobile users through websites. While optimizing a website for mobile is far easier than designing, building and distributing a full-fledged app, many companies find that web-based engagement doesn’t meet all their needs. Though tools like HTML, CSS and HTTP are powerful, they continue to have serious limitations:

  • Lack of control over local rendering

  • Limitations and restrictions on local data storage and performance

  • Server-side dependencies precluding off-line use

While comScore statistics show that mobile websites get more visitors than apps, the dwell time on websites is far lower. Users prefer dedicated, streamlined applications, as shown by more than 178 billion app downloads made from various online app stores in 2018.

By developing and delivering a mobile app, companies can retain complete control over the user experience as well as all the benefits of tracking and analyzing the use of that application for further optimization.

The challenges of creating an effective mobile application

While there are many benefits, the challenges of creating a popular and effective mobile application are equally massive. Getting any of these elements wrong can entirely sink an expensive and resource-intensive development effort:

  • Companies often lack in-house programming expertise to develop dedicated cross-platform apps.

  • Marketing expertise is required to stand out among the more than 11 million apps currently on the market.

  • Localization difficulties in a global app market require specialized expertise.

  • User experience design is often lacking with 84 percent of users experiencing difficulties engaging in in-app transactions.

  • Ongoing maintenance and update commitments are often under-estimated and under-resourced, creating diminishing returns over time.

All these factors argue for bringing in specialized expertise to assist with mobile application development. But selecting the right resource is a challenge in a crowded market.

Outsourcing app development and management to a managed service provider

“There’s an app for that,” says Apple, so there should be an app for your online services, too. Every digitally savvy consumer will appreciate the convenience of a mobile application, so developing and distributing your apps as widely as possible will do wonders for your business growth.

Trianz leverages industry-leading proprietary tools that simplify the app development lifecycle and expedite your time to market. It may be that you just need a simple browser wrapper to deliver your website experience or it could be that you must build a fully-fledged mobile application, developed within the Android Studio/iOS software development kits (SDKs). No matter the scope, Trianz can help you assess, plan and build an innovative mobile experience for your customers.

There are more advantages in store for in-house applications. By integrating our application development with other managed services offerings, we have a complete view of the technology stack in your organization. And through our existing relationship, we gain insights into your core business models and key differentiators to help us craft exactly the app your internal customers need.

With a wide range of expertise on tap and in-depth experience in all phases of building and managing mobile application rollouts, Trianz is a clear choice for your application development needs. Contact us today!

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