Client Profile

The client is a Fortune 100 global leader in property and casualty insurance having presence in more than 29 countries and economies around the world.

Trianz was approached by this giant insurance company who wanted to leverage cloud infrastructure to build a new secure, FEDRAMP and NIST compliant cloud IT platform. This included the Cloud build setup, DEVOPS build and DB Migration (from DB2 to PostgreSQL to Redshift).

Trianz performed Application discovery to assess the existing applications and servers before taking the decision on the required infrastructure.

Trianz created the landing zone templates and added security rules according to the FedRamp and NIST compliant. Trianz has utilized the existing Landing zone setup to create new OU’s and deployed the new rules into it. Trianz rehosted the workloads from On Premise (DB2) to AWS Cloud and modernized the legacy databases to AWS Aurora (PostgreSQL) DB instances.

Trianz had implemented the automation mechanism for post-migration activities such as automated backup, restoration and other database management tasks.

Business Challenges

  • Existing Landing zone setup was not properly deployed.

  • AWS Organization configuration, creation of OU & Account structure also not configured up to the mark.

  • Database migration to the AWS Cloud was challenging to establish connectivity.

  • Scaling of on-premises applications was too challenging and was not able to modernize the environment.

  • Security of on-premises applications involves implementing appropriate security controls, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and access management mechanisms

  • Existing setup was done manually and Lack of automations to update the LZ setup.

TCO Analysis

  • Establishing a landing zone and configuring it to support the cost, operational, and security governance capabilities we will need.

  • We can see the Good percentage of Reduction in the overall cost compared to the On-Prem to Cloud.

  • Optimal spend on cloud subscriptions (Pay as you go Model).

  • DB migration to the Cloud was faster with near zero downtime.

Solution Highlights

Trianz did analysis on the existing the Landing zone setup to understand the control tower and account structure.

We have provided the solution to make the current Landing Zone setup to the compliant environment.

Trianz implemented the AWS Accelerator solution to deploy the New Landing Zone setup in an automated way using the AWS CodePipeline. Multiple issues occurred during the deployment of Landing zone due to the existing LZ setup.

Amazon CloudWatch was utilized to monitor the overall deployment process.

Transformational Effects

  • FEDRAMP AND NIST Compliant Landing zone deployed in the Customer AWS env.

  • Preventive and Detective Security Rules, Guardrails are enabled in all the accounts.

  • Deployed the defined Policies and IAM roles to access the services in the environment.

  • Configured the IAM roles to SSO to grant the access to their respective roles.

  • Configured the CodePipeline to update/upgrade LZ setup or Control tower rules in automated way.

  • Defined a workflow on the Database Migration and Replication to Redshift using DMS.

Published: 2023-06-16

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