Founded in 1978, DSN Software is a prestigious, privately-owned software development firm with an enduring legacy that spans nearly half a century. Their mission is to empower modern dental and specialized practices through intelligent software solutions that not only enhance management strategies but elevate the entire patient experience.

DSN serves thousands of dental specialty practices across the United States. Their commitment to innovation is deeply ingrained in their DNA, driving continual efforts for streamlining workflows and structure of online information efficiently.

Their state-of-the-art software offers features that revolutionize practice management – a meticulously designed EMR module, comprehensive reporting, and more. These features don’t merely follow the trend, they define it, setting new standards for the digital, cloud-based practices of today.


DSN Software was interesting in achieving short-term goal by standing up imaging components of SoftNeta composed of PACS and DICOM Viewer to demonstrate highly scalable practice management solution. Trainz discover earlier that DSN can benefit from migration to the cloud and achieve it short-term goal at the same time. Trianz presented benefits of migration to DSN Software and upon agreement started their cloud transition journey.


  • Conduct bottom-up software-driver discovery

  • Top-down analysis of practice management platform and SoftNeta components

  • Enable demo environment in the sandbox

  • Empowering the customer with ability to present cutting-end practice management platform at tradeshows.

  • Create and estimate the modernization roadmap of “To-Be” end-state architecture in the cloud.

  • Non-intrusive modernization options at each layer of Compute, Storage and Databases to achieve lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Software-driven discover approach leveraged Concierto to identify infrastructure dependencies and capacity requirements.

  • Expert-driven validation and assessment of current infrastructure usage Application module at a time

  • Refinement and depiction of the current-state architecture for the SoftNeta components and Practice Management platform

  • Help understand the benefits of cloud-native services.

  • Design end-state architecture of the landing zone and end-state architecture

  • Perform analysis of downstream and upstream dependencies to ensure frictionless migration planning.

  • Build a business case for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Practice management platform

  • Imaging components of SoftNeta

  • Databases

  • Application Servers

  • Object Storage

  • Content Delivery Network

  • Low-Latency Network

  • Security suite of solutions

  • Load balancers

Transformational Effects

  • Right-sized end-state architecture and landing zone design

  • Clear understanding of areas for cost savings

  • Eliminating underutilized resources and optimizing licensing costs

  • Design for security and operational posture with cloud-native solutions

  • Design that enables fault tolerance and disaster recovery capabilities

Published: 2023-12-22

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