Enterprise Monitoring With End-To-End Visibility

As enterprise IT infrastructure grows, the need for robust enterprise monitoring increases dramatically. With tens or hundreds of codependent services being used simultaneously to deliver internal and external services, a single outage can have ripple effects across your entire network. To combat this, each network asset needs to be identified and monitored continuously, giving you the insight required for proactive remediation and prevention of system errors.

To tackle these monitoring problems, businesses can leverage enterprise monitoring and application performance management (APM) solutions. With enterprise monitoring, a full discovery process will identify servers, endpoint devices and software assets on your network, centralizing them within a single unified viewpoint.

Predicting Issues, Proactive Remediation

Enterprise Wide Usage of Advanced AML Approaches

Digital Transformation

Source: Trasers

Trianz Has Built One of the World’s Largest Databases on Digital Transformation.

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformations with data from over 5,000 companies spanning 20 industries. We understand the state of enterprise monitoring and the best practices followed by the most successful companies in the world.

Our research shows that digital champions are ahead by 2X in the use of advanced application lifecycle management (ALM) methods that are critical for modern applications delivery and enterprise-wide monitoring.


In this digital age, where the cloud promises much freedom and flexibility, a robust IT infrastructure uniting cloud, analytics, and big data platforms will drive business excellence for your enterprise.

Increased Visibility and Enterprise-Wide System-Level Insights

A full-enterprise monitoring and APM solution is a great way to increase visibility and generate system-level insights for use by your IT department. Our enterprise monitoring solutions deliver comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective monitoring, management and reporting for system, network, capacity, environmental and overall service operations management.

These solutions can be delivered via the cloud or on-premise for rapid adoption and implementation. The multi-fold benefits and dimensions that our frameworks address in enterprisewide monitoring are shown below:


digital transformation

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Trianz’s Enterprise Monitoring Conceptual Framework

Through end-to-end application performance monitoring solutions, Trianz provides better visibility into key business performance, code-level insights on enterprise applications, visualization and prioritization of business metrics to drive outcomes and reduce overheads, and customer experience intelligence.


digital transformation

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Implementing and Managing Enterprise Monitoring Solutions

Enterprise Monitoring Consulting

Enterprise Monitoring Consulting

Enterprise monitoring consulting includes thorough current-state analysis, enterprise monitoring strategy, and scenario-based approaches for definition of target state processes and tools alignment based on the business objectives and industry best-practice framework.

Enterprise Monitoring Implementation<

Enterprise Monitoring Implementation

Technology modernization will continue to disrupt the way IT Operations are managed. The central goal of a high-quality enterprise monitoring implementation is to improve the availability and reliability of business services while minimizing disruptions as the organization takes advantage of latest technologies.



If you are considering migrating from a legacy monitoring platform because of lack of support for your existing tools or a lack of innovative functionality, Trianz can show you the advantages of transitioning to next-gen monitoring solutions, and help you maximize the benefit you gain from its functionalities.

Steady State Support

Steady State Support

Trianz can be your transformation partner, not only deploying enterprise monitoring solutions but also removing routine heavy lifting from enterprise operations. We manage routine housekeeping while continuously improving service delivery and capability.

Transformational Benefits With Enterprise Monitoring Solutions

Minimised Risks

Minimised Risks

Enterprise Monitoring solutions minimize the risks associated with migration of large, critical applications to public, private or multi-cloud infrastructures, help discover inefficiencies, scale and optimize their performance to meet the customer expectations every time.

Enrich User Experience

Enriched User Experience

The goal of enterprise monitoring is to deliver an optimal user experience by mapping application performance metrics to business objectives. This broadens the ability to support prediction by utilizing business dashboards supported by AIOps.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Enterprise application performance monitoring plays a vital role to find bottlenecks, address inefficiencies, and speed up performance of your business services. It gives you the power to deliver flawless customer experiences.

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