Optimizing Employee Productivity and Customer Fulfillment

There is a major difference in the methods and processes companies choose to leverage information technologies. Many businesses’ IT departments have developed organically over time, with little ability to plan or strategize far into the future. Others developed a detailed, scalable plan from the beginning and continue to strategize to achieve the best possible return on their technology investments.

The difference between these two sides of the spectrum can be summarized in four letters: ITSM, or IT Service Management. If your organization’s digital path more closely resembles the former group, you have likely noticed:

Reduced productivity due to a lack of automation

Reduced productivity due to a lack of automation

Unplanned service outages

Unplanned service outages

Delayed fulfillment time

Delayed fulfillment time (including missed SLAs)

An overall poor customer experience

An overall poor customer experience

A modern ITSM approach offers significant benefits to your business by creating effective policies, processes, and procedures to support the various IT services used throughout the organization.

While the specific ITSM solutions are unique to each company, the right strategies focus on helping the business to quickly scale, adapt, modernize, and apply advanced technological solutions to meet the needs of both internal and external users, and customers. Such changes are made possible through strategic partnerships with ITSM vendors, following established best practices in your industry.

In this digital age, where the cloud promises much freedom and flexibility, a robust IT infrastructure uniting cloud, analytics, and big data platforms will drive business excellence for your enterprise.

Modernizing IT Solutions for Operational Excellence

The goal of effective IT Service Management strategy is to provide your users and customers (both internal and external) the tailored solutions they need, where they need them. To achieve this, Trianz consultants will collaborate with your key stakeholders to devise the necessary policies and procedures that fit prescribed needs and requirements.

Throughout this consulting phase you will see an accurate analysis of how your systems currently operate and be able to review various scenarios that show how certain technologies can grow your business. The strategy will be developed based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices to ensure that you get the desired results.

Once the initial development phase of your ITSM solutions have been completed, it’s time to implement them. During this phase, your IT infrastructure will be modernized to support the new systems. Throughout this process, IT support teams and other relevant teams throughout the company will be trained on how to use the new systems to ensure a smooth transition.

Finally, all legacy systems that need to be left in place will be migrated into the new environment. Where appropriate, older systems should be updated to either the latest versions or newer programs that offer innovative functionality. Of course, all of this will be planned out ahead of time so the migration to the new system is a seamless experience for you and your customers.

At this point, your organization will be up and running with all the latest automation, infrastructure, software, digital portals, and other technology solutions. Although a great start, this is not the end of the ITSM strategy. Once you have gone through the process of modernizing your IT systems, it is important to continuously review your performance and adjust your long-term strategy as needed.

This will help you to avoid falling back into old ways of doing things, and ensure your organization remains competitive long into the future.

Modernizing IT Solutions for Operational Excellence

Our ITSM Services

Trianz offers a variety of services to implement and manage ITSM Solutions:

ITSM Consulting

ITSM Consulting

We will collaborate with stakeholders across your business and devise policies and procedures at the service level that support your business objectives. Our goal is to improve your customers’ satisfaction and cement your position as a digital service leader in your industry.

Our ITIL-centered consulting includes thorough current-state analysis, scenario-based approaches for definition of target state processes, process definition alignment based on the latest ITIL best practice framework and process implementation.

ITSM Implementation

ITSM Implementation

Technology modernization will continue to disrupt the way businesses operate and leverage IT services. The central goal of a high-quality ITSM implementation is to minimize disruptions while the organization takes advantage of latest technologies and rolls out new IT services.

As your implementation partner, Trianz will automate the processes of delivering IT services to end users while maintaining organizational policies, procedures, security controls, cost, and compliance.

ITSM Migration

ITSM Migration

If you are considering migrating from a legacy platform because of cancelled support for your existing tools or a lack of innovative functionality, Trianz can show you the advantages of transitioning to cloud-based service management solutions and help you maximize the benefit you gain from its functionalities.

Trianz always advocates sustainable, long-term approaches to issues like these. This is evident in the robust partnerships with industry-leading technology providers that we have forged over the years.

Steady State Operations

Steady State Operations

ITSM implementation is an ongoing journey. As your ITSM capabilities expand, so do the demands of the business. Often, success ends up creating frustration as more teams want to take advantage of the great work you are doing.

It can become difficult to keep up with demand while concurrently meeting stakeholder expectations, maintaining existing capabilities, and expanding where needed.

Trianz can be your transformation partner, not only deploying ITSM solutions but also removing routine heavy lifting from enterprise operations. We manage routine housekeeping while continuously improving service delivery and capability.

We do so through a steady flow of new enhancements, upgrades, new features enablement, integrations, automations, and policy- and procedure-enforcement defined by your organization. This ensures you are getting the most from IT Service Management while strategically driving your business.


Our ITSM Methodology and Architecture

We primarily focus on two leading service management solutions in the market place, ServiceNow and BMC. The Trianz IT Service Management flows and technology stacks for each solution are captured here:

Service Management Flow

Service Management Flow

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Copyright © 2022 Trianz


Service Management Flow

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Trianz Consultants Have the ITSM Experience to Help You Succeed

Trianz has been helping businesses in every industry to develop and implement tailored ITSM solutions that bring predictable results. Our consultants have worked with the Fortune 1000 and emerging companies across different industries.

We have helped these companies and others of all sizes build out the service management solutions detailed below.

Improved self-service capabilities for better user experience

Improved self-service capabilities for a better user experience

Intuitive interface for employees to browse through the knowledge base and service catalog.

Enabled with features like announcements, virtual chat, global search, community, approvals, surveys to enhance customer experience and aid in reducing the flow of requests and incidents.

 Reduction in Service Desk call volume and improved first call resolutions

Reduction in Service Desk call volume and improved first-call resolutions

Self-service enables employees to find resolutions to their issues without active help from technicians, thereby eliminating phone calls and freeing up technician time.

Data Monetization Operations Consulting

Improved efficiency and reduced operational costs

Automate routine service tasks, freeing IT staff to focus on more complex problems.

ITIL aligned and Integrated end-to-end IT Service Management platform.

Centralized and streamlined ITSM processes across the organization.

Improved visibility into operations and performance.

Our consultants will work closely with your leadership teams to determine the best IT architecture solutions, best practices, and strategies for your specific needs. We will also help you stand up and support powerful software suites and, of course, keep everything safe with advanced security solutions.

To learn more about how we can help you with improved IT services, please get in touch to schedule a consultation.


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