Securing Remote Workplaces

As the demand for remote workforce capabilities escalates, enterprises are finding it extremely difficult to protect their corporate and mobile/BYOD assets. To ensure users have uninterrupted access to both the open internet and corporate VPNs, IT must create a secure environment that encompasses onsite, mobile, and multi-location workers and their devices.

With cybercriminals targeting network connectivity gaps, security teams must ensure that all devices are hardened, compliant, and monitored to provide ‘round the clock security and operational efficiency. To address these major challenges and provide a seamless user experience, Trianz provides “Endpoint Management as a Service,” including:

  • Automated Patch Management

  • Security Compliance and Server Hardening

  • OS Provisioning and Software Distribution

  • Unified Endpoint Management

  • Mobile Device Management


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Managed Endpoint Services

You gain the following capabilities to achieve complete control over inventory, reduce exposures, and facilitate mediation when attacks or threats are detected:

Automated Patch Management

Trianz automates the entire patch management process to proactively improve your security posture, while reducing time, cost and effort.

  • Automated patching for Windows, macOS, Linux, and third-party applications

  • Relevant patches for servers, OS, desktops, laptops, legacy applications, middleware, and drivers

  • Real-time visibility into patch compliance

Security Compliance and Server Hardening

Our experts help you implement real-time reporting to provide visibility and control of your security posture. We can detect endpoint vulnerabilities and provide patches across more than 20 operating systems, enabling.

  • Continuous security monitoring to validate security threats and remediate issues in real time

  • Security and regulatory policy compliance, including PCI-DSS, DISA and STIG

  • “Tech-Spec” conformance to your servers and workstations, with real-time deviation reporting

  • Support for a wide range of endpoints, including roaming, mobile and POS devices, ATMs, and self-service kiosks

OS Provisioning and Software Distribution

We quickly deploy new servers or workstation images across your networks from a single, centralized location, reducing risks due to non-compliant or insecure configurations, and to.

  • Address complex Win10 and MS Office upgrades

  • Quickly deploy OS on workstations and servers on the network

  • Reuse OS image from one workstation to another, including user-specific data

  • Provide application installation options after OS deployment

  • Provide dashboards for packaging custom applications and deploying on the network without affecting bandwidth

Unified Endpoint Management

Reduces potential threats and security challenges as bring your own device (BYOD) proliferates.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of corporate and BYOD assets

  • Separates personal and corporate policies to improve security and expedite employee productivity

  • Allows IT to access and control BYOD devices, including personal apps and stored data

Mobile Device Management

Manages mobile devices running Android, iOS, Windows, and Chrome OS within the network.

  • Centralized management to ensure complete visibility and control over mobile devices in the network

  • Malware detection and quick remediation to avoid data breaches

  • Remote, real-time restriction of rooted or jail broken devices

Our Methodology

Trianz has developed the following frameworks, intellectual property (IP) and accelerators, which are currently in use with multiple clients:

BigFix - ServiceNow Integration

Native ServiceNow-based integration to pull and push data from/to BigFix that helps to:

  • Build a consistent, reliable CMDB that customers can use to effectively track, manage, and automate ITSM, ITOM, ITAM, etc.

  • Take actions to collect usage metering information and last-used date.

  • Distribute software from the ServiceNow self-service catalog and automate deployment using BigFix.

  • Automate software distribution to deploy and revoke software deployments from BigFix.

  • Leverage Software Asset Management, including license reclamation, optimization, chargeback, spend visibility and audit compliance.


Our Methodology

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Digitalizing IT infrastructure is all about collaborating with other organizations who can help you create a digitally enabled business that is more efficient, engaging, and ultimately more profitable.

Patch Management Best Practices Framework for Endpoints

Native ServiceNow-based integration to pull and push data from/to BigFix that helps to:

Our Methodology

Our patch management framework covers:

  • Global patch deployment procedures and best practices

  • Microsoft patch rollout deployment process and schedule

  • Windows application patch rollout procedure

  • Patch deployment process for commissioning new desktops, laptops, and servers

  • Patch deployment process for emergency situations like WannaCry

  • Failed patches deployment procedure

  • Common patch deployment issues with remediation

  • Execution criteria for patches

  • Patch compliance reports

Business Impact

Our specialists have delivered managed end point solutions to clients of all sizes over the years. We will deliver on our promise to you, and quickly. With our pre-packaged offerings and global resourcing model, we are ready to host your endpoint platform within a week of contract acceptance.

We deliver hassle-free endpoint operations and maintenance with these worry-free features:

  • Centralized solution with real-time visibility of all your enterprise assets (servers, desktops, laptops, BYOD, and corporate mobile devices)

  • Automated approach to ensure a secured workplace environment by rolling out all relevant patches, security policies, virus definition, pattern and agent updates

  • Real-time visualization and status of security threats and vulnerabilities

  • Remote management of your IT assets and 24/7 dedicated support


Our Methodology

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