Why Do Companies Choose to Optimize Software Assets?

Having to manage an increasing amount of software can become burdensome and time-consuming because of the amount of effort it takes to manage software licenses, keep up with compliance, and accurately assess whether you’re overspending.

Moreover, it can be difficult to ascertain which software to choose to fit your organization’s needs – as well as get support for existing and future software.

The right software optimization services provider can make sure:

  • Your MSAs are handled promptly

  • You’re getting the right price

  • The business is in compliance

  • You’re choosing the right software for your needs

Also, a software asset consultant that is a software reseller can help you get better software pricing through their partnerships.

Drawing from our expertise and extensive experience with IT asset management, licensing, and procurement, Trianz can evaluate, audit, advise on, and manage all your software purchasing requirements to drive down costs, mitigate compliance risks, facilitate procurement, and support long-term growth. We do the negotiating for your optimal software pricing.


Our Capabilities

From benchmarking to rightsizing, our software optimization program enables you to achieve cost reductions while making strategic and informed decisions about the best software composition for your future growth.

Through this offering, our goal is to help you with:

Software advisory

Software advisory

Starting with benchmarking and identifying gaps, we help you determine the right strategy and roadmap to get to your desired end state.

Software procurement strategy

Software procurement strategy

We work with you to identify which software to purchase and/or consolidate to meet your business’s needs.

Software support

Software support

We provide a centralized support desk, through which we answer tickets and address any issues that arise.

Asset optimization

Asset optimization

We assist you by making sure you’re not overspending or underutilizing your software.

Our software asset optimization model offers three tiers of service to choose from, allowing clients to select what best meets their needs.

Brief Descriptions of Our Three Tiers of Software Optimization Services

Graphic depicting Trianz’ Three Tiers of Software Asset Optimization Services

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Trianz’ software re-seller value additions in more detail:

Tier One

Clients can leverage Trianz’ expertise and partnerships to procure one instance of software at the right price, as well as manage a single software license. Trianz will also serve as the one point of contact for implementation, renewals, and contracts.

Tier Two

Trianz will handle licensing, procurement, and implementation for multiple instances of software from multiple vendors – while utilizing their partnerships to get the right prices. It will also provide advisory services to help clients determine which software and vendors to choose. In addition, as with tier 1, Trianz would serve as the one point of contact for implementation, renewals, and contracts.

Tier Three

This level of service includes what is provided in tier 2, as well as asset management with continued optimization based on each client’s needs; a global support program; and a portal (powered by Trianz intellectual property, Concierto.cloud) that clients can use to report issues and validate statuses.

Software Optimization Benefits

Trianz serves as a software reseller while also offering multiple value-add services to ensure optimized license spend and alignment of the right software to meet your business objectives. This combination of services provides numerous benefits:

Cost savings

We can bundle different kinds of software, consolidate agreements, identify where your business is overspending, and free up your employees’ time by taking software procurement and management off your plate.

Reduced complexity

We serve as your one point of contact, so you have fewer contracts and vendors to manage.

Ease of procurement

Because of our partnerships, we can provide flexibility in relation to market changes and dynamics. Also, we ensure the services and goods meet all required quality and safety standards, as well as customer expectations.

Continuous optimization

We enable clients to track their software usage and visualize the optimization, thus bringing 100% transparency into consumption metrics.

Stronger selection process

We enable the right selection and sizing of cloud services for the on-premise software, thus increasing the cloud adoption and success ratio.

Global support

We provide a centralized support desk for your business’s needs (e.g., issues with or questions about new software procurement, licensing queries, and technology issues).

Managing Software Assets Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Managing all your software can be incredibly daunting, expensive, confusing, and time-consuming. Or, if you work with the right software optimization services provider, you can move procurement, compliance, management, and licensing off of your to-do list since you’ll have a consulting partner who is accountable for all of this.

You can get the centralized support you need and purchase software that meets your business’s requirements – all while saving costs.

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