Why You Should Not Wait to Migrate Your Infrastructure to the Cloud

As a business grows and develops, so too will its IT infrastructure needs. To keep up with the increasing demand, businesses are searching for effective ways to scale their infrastructure at the same time expand its accessibility. One of the most effective solutions for this is cloud infrastructure migration.

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration refers to deploying your data, applications, and other vital infrastructure elements into the cloud, which is then managed by a cloud service provider. According to the International Data Corporation, global spending on public cloud computing is expected to reach $162 billion in 2020. With so many businesses incorporating cloud infra services into their IT deployments, it is clear that it is becoming an indispensable aspect of corporate IT strategy.

Advantages of cloud infrastructure services

Cloud migration solutions offer many advantages for any business looking to easily streamline their operations:

  • Scalability

    As your operations grow, the demands on your resources will increase, and you will need to expand your infrastructure. With physical, on-premise hardware, your ability to do so is limited by the financial and human resource cost of installing and maintaining new hardware, ensuring the reliability of the new systems. Expanding IT infrastructure can also lead to costly and inconvenient downtime. Infrastructure migration services can completely remove these physical constraints, leaving you able to scale your infrastructure both vertically and horizontally at a moment’s notice to keep up with your expanding market.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Traditional, on-premise hardware requires a significant financial investment. Employees must be hired or trained to install new hardware and maintain existing infrastructure. In the worst cases, additional space is required to make room for expanding operations. With cloud infrastructure services, you are freed of the burden of many of these costs and can therefore focus more on the suitability of potential resources rather than their cost.

  • Security

    IT infrastructure is vulnerable to multifarious security issues, ranging from physical attacks and power outages to software vulnerabilities and viruses. Implementing a robust security strategy to safeguard your investment is complicated and costly. Physical hardware security requires specially trained staff, well-maintained backup systems, and up-to-date hardware. Software security, meanwhile, requires one to stay up to date with all the latest software updates and newest systems. Cloud computing lets you entrust these concerns to experts and leaves you free to focus on expanding your operations.

A complicated subject

Due to the booming demand for cloud infrastructure solutions, there is a seemingly infinite array of solutions to choose from. No matter your needs, there exists a solution that is perfectly tailored to your business. However, managing a successful cloud infrastructure migration is not an easy task. You will need to choose a service provider and decide which deployment model is most suited to your needs. You will need to make sure that the solution you have chosen can meet your business’s current and future needs in terms of accessibility, scalability, security, etc. You also don’t want to pay for more than what your business actually needs and can effectively use.

Thankfully, cloud infrastructure migration consulting services can help you accomplish a seamless migration. Trianz is a leading infrastructure migration services consultation firm with decades of experience helping clients get the most out of their cloud migrations.

We’ve partnered with ServiceNow, a leading cloud orchestration solution, to deliver unified, cloud-agnostic infrastructure management for our clients. Our proprietary Concierto.Cloud platform is also purpose-built to help maximize value and minimize risks associated with cloud investment.

Get in touch with our cloud consulting team and discover how our cloud migration services can help you find the perfect cloud computing solution for your enterprise.

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