Organizations today require data-driven insights more than ever before for business visibility, innovation, and informed decision making. With data being the catalyst and key driver for business transformation, agility and competitive success, managing it is arguably the greatest challenge facing businesses and IT today.

Data that offers predictable execution models across multiple business functions in today’s digital economy is the need of the hour. Organizations, therefore, are building robust analytical capabilities that recommend the best course of action to business decision makers for pre-specified outcomes.

Trianz helps organizations adopt modern technologies, such as Hadoop-based Big Data platforms, Stream Computing, Data Lakes, and NoSQL, to deliver meaningful business insights. The idea is to give business users self-service analytics and improved access to data, instead of IT teams generating reports. That said, new age business analytics solutions make the following possible:

  • Setting up data discovery labs
  • Building predictive and perspective analytical models that deliver business insights which accurately predict trends and outcomes
  • Defining the best course of action to achieve measurable goals

These capabilities enable our clients to adopt superlative business intelligence solutions that grow their business, increase revenue, and ensure customer satisfaction.

The combined capabilities of Trianz and the ecosystem of our analytics partners strengthen our solutions, enabling improved value on our clients’ analytics investments. Our partnerships help us to also develop and implement industry-specific solutions that transform clients’ businesses into high-performance, analytics-driven ones.

Trianz’ frameworks and maturity assessment models for various enterprise functions (Sales, Marketing, Operations/ Servicing, Finance, Customer Service, etc) when coupled with our analytics partners’ platform capabilities, deliver compelling solutions for our clients.