MSBIA robust Business Intelligence (BI) solution empowers businesses with timely, valuable and accurate information. It transforms complex, unstructured and distributed data sets into comprehendible messages that support better decision making and directly impact business performance, customer and employee experience, and profitability.

Inadequate technical knowledge and expertise in data analytics and BI software, however, makes the selection and deployment of the right solution difficult for enterprises, impeding their ability to fully harness the complete value of their data.

Trianz leverages Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (MSBI) suite to help organizations efficiently manage, analyze, and share actionable insights in real time. The MSBI solution encompasses SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), which when integrated with Office, SharePoint and other Microsoft applications, provides a secure and comprehensive view of business operations and changing market trends.

Trianz’ MSBI offering includes, but is not limited to, developing BI strategy and roadmap; standardizing problem definitions; identifying, designing and implementing scalable, self-service BI applications; rectifying inefficient processes as necessary; validating solutions’ business value through a proof of concept (PoC) either on the cloud, on-premises or hybrid architectures, as well as providing ongoing technical support and training.

  • BI strategy and Roadmap development
  • Data integration and Workflow solutions
  • Data warehouse and Data marts
  • Data analytics
  • Data modelling
  • Advanced analytics
  • Intuitive dashboards and interactive, customizable reports
  • Governance and compliance
  • Migrated voluminous historical BI data from multiple heterogeneous systems to a unified, scalable platform, making the data audit-, compliance- and analysis-ready for a major US-based property and casualty insurance firm
  • Built a scalable, adaptive and self-service BI platform for a global data services provider to improve the performance and operational efficiency of its automated support system. The system now addresses diverse analytics and reporting requests from multiple business and support teams in minutes