BI reporting and dashboards

What if you could get every bit of information about your customers, competitors, operations, and market opportunities one place? Business Intelligence (BI) reporting services and solutions make all this and more possible.

Like we know, today’s digital and data-driven world is compelling businesses abreast of the latest tools and tactics that can give them a competitive edge. As a result, enterprises are constantly seeking an experienced, innovative, and digitally savvy BI consulting firm to help them do so.

Trianz BI consulting leaders combine inventive analytics with leading-edge reporting tools to derive meaningful insights from data in all formats. Our Analytics Solution team creates connections between disparate data and application (that build context and semantics layers) to extract its value. Our Analytics Consulting and Development Service works in tandem to help you select, optimize, and deploy an array of custom and pre-built analytics and reporting tools that give you a consolidated market and business view. During the rollout phase, we work with your team to complete the change management process end-to-end.

Specific services Trianz offers to help you achieve a robust data analytics environment include:

  • Strategic planning, BI assessments, BI
  • BI solution/tool selection and RFP assistance
  • Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept exercises
  • Data migration, Data integration
  • BI architecture design and optimization
  • Analytics reporting automation, Dashboard development
  • MDM and Data governance guidance

An expert BI Consulting Services and BI Solutions provider recognizes the business opportunity, as well as the challenge, created by escalating demand for advanced digital technology. At Trianz, we have always been aware of this and have divided our services into:

  • Dashboard Consulting and Development – Our experts use leading software tools to give enterprises detailed and real-time snapshots of their sales, marketing, financial, supply chain, CRM, ERP and other departmental and operational data
  • Consulting – Our best practices mobile BI architectures impart higher efficiency and accessibility to business processes, regardless of place and/or time. Our mobile platforms, using centralized cloud-based computing, provide better and faster bi-directional data access. Intuitive mobile dashboards, real-time intelligence, improved employee productivity, better customer service, and a more competitive outlook are other benefits

Trianz reporting methods and analytics frameworks distill actionable insights on trends and outcomes, helping you draw relevant conclusions in the areas of:

  • Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial planning and management
  • Sales and Operations planning
  • Healthcare Information Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Human Resources and Staffing

Transformational effects

  • Shift to proactive and fact-based decision making
  • Save time and overheads with 360° visibility
  • Easily track progress towards goals
  • Quickly identify areas that need attention
  • Higher levels of workforce engagement
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Elevated and personalized customer experience
  • Uncover hidden business opportunities
  • Increase revenue and reduce risk
  • Speed time-to-decision and let IT focus on IT

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

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The team from Trianz went above and beyond to generate additional revenue sources for us, apart from fulfilling our original ask. This is something we’re extremely appreciative of, and we look forward to associating with Trianz repeatedly.

Director of Data Management

Global Storage Systems And Data Management Company

Our partnership with Trianz has proved to be an astute decision. From designing and developing a solution to migrate volumes of historical data to creating anauditable, unified, scalable platform, Trianz has consistently demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Director of Information & Data Management

Large Property And Casualty Insurance Company In US

Trianz has not only helped us reap manifold business benefits, but has also bolstered our relationship with our customers. Ongoing support is a bonus!


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