Flexible, Real-Time Data Visualization

Successful digital transformations are driven by well-integrated, data-informed decisions, processes, and systems. To empower themselves in that direction, businesses need on-demand access to enterprise and line of business (LOB) data to make informed decisions.

Aggregating and presenting that data in user-friendly formats requires a strong business intelligence (BI) framework with flexible visualization capabilities.

Enterprise stakeholders – from sales and marketing, customer service, HR and finance, through to supply chain and manufacturing – must be able to identify and illustrate key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends to avoid missteps, as well as exploit opportunities. For data-driven organizations, interactive dashboards, self-service BI, and data analytics have become priority business tools.

Data Visualization using Business intelligence

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Source Data into BI dashboards

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Relevant and accurate data provide the building blocks for actionable insights, but are often scattered throughout an enterprise in siloed databases and systems. Organizations need to empower non-technical users with real-time information by integrating and converting this data into BI dashboards with intuitive graphics and user-friendly analytics tools.

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BI Transformative Insights

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BI’s Transformative Potential Gives Companies a Competitive Edge

Trianz has invested in creating one of the world’s largest database on digital transformations, with data from over 5,000 plus companies in 20 industries. We have spoken to business and IT leaders across the enterprise to understand what digitalization means to them, and how they strategize and execute their transformations.

The companies we call “digital champions” are investing in new analytics capabilities across the board. Business intelligence, and especially dashboard, are areas to which they dedicate their financial resources. With these significant investments into data visualization, digital champions are clearly prioritizing their potential to generate value for their customers, while also edging out their competitors.

Our BI and Visualization Services Center of Excellence

Trianz’ BI consulting services combine innovative analytics solutions and reporting tools to establish key relationships and glean valuable insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. We help you select, design, optimize, and deploy an array of custom and prebuilt analytics and reporting tools. These will ultimately empower you to increase value for your customer base and brand recognition, while staying ahead of competitive threats and market opportunities.

Throughout the process, our expert BI consultants ensure that you realize the maximum benefit of the deployed BI solution by working closely with your business and IT teams during change management. We offer a number of BI consulting services to elevate your enterprise’s information-to-action pipeline, including:

  • Strategic planning, BI assessments, BI roadmaps

  • BI tool selection

  • Prototype and proof-of-concept exercises

  • BI architecture design and optimization

  • Analytics reporting automation, Dashboard development

Our BI and Visualization Services Center of Excellence

How We Work

Our Step Up approach is designed to inform and align stakeholders at every phase of the BI implementation Services.


Phases of the BI implementation

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This thorough, end-to-end process helps your team achieve their business intelligence goals by:

  • Ensuring stakeholder alignment on (1) your current state of BI maturity and (2) your desired state

  • Establishing enterprise- or department-level BI Roadmap to ensure business-centric planning, requirements, design, and control

  • Assess current data quality to determine gaps and set expectations

  • Use an agile and modular approach

  • Design a flexible and expandable BI Solution Framework

  • Establish a centralized governance structure

  • Ensure comprehensive security and access

Business Impact and Transformational Outcomes

The right business intelligence solution coupled with a seasoned consulting partner can truly transform your enterprise by enabling you to see through the noise and distill volumes of data in ways that best serve your business goals.

Leverage the incredible potential of your enterprise’s data to achieve key outcomes:

incredible potential of your enterprise’s data to achieve key outcomes

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Experience the Trianz Difference

We have helped hundreds of clients unlock the value of unstructured data to deliver superior business outcomes and customer experiences. Our strong analytics partnerships with industry leaders enables Trianz to extract value and provide actionable insights for our clients’ leadership teams to act upon.

Our diverse clientele includes global Fortune 1000 corporations and emerging, innovative companies across industries, and our service excellence has earned us the reputation as the ‘BI Consulting Company of Choice.’ Get in touch with us today to set up your BI transformation consultation.

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