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Management Consulting Careers

We hire talent from colleges and universities in the United States in our Consulting practices and guide their further development into leaders. Our new hires progress from Associates and Consultants to Engagement Leaders, Directors and ultimately Vice Presidents in various practices. Along the way, they gain experience, knowledge and leadership skills that prepare them for the ultimate goal in consulting careers–a practice leadership responsibility.

Practice Vice Presidents & Directors


Vice Presidents lead our Practices–organized around Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization, Infrastructure & Security–as overall leaders, or are responsible for a specific region. Directors specialize in a discipline in the practice and are responsible for setting the charter for that area, articulating our thought leadership to clients and the marketplace, developing capabilities internally, and leading growth of the practice.

Client Relationships Careers

Our client relationships are based on simple yet powerful concepts:


The basis on which our clients engage us.


Which enable us to deliver value.

Long–term Commitment

Which drives us to think beyond the immediate transaction.


Which reinforce the basis of the relationship. Client Partners at Trianz manage relationships to achieve all this and propagate our growth as a firm.

New Client Acquisition Partners. Joining our Cloud, Analytics, Digital, Infrastructure or Security disciplines, new client acquisition partners help leverage our relationships with technology platform providers and various other channels to help position Trianz at new clients and win opportunities. They can join us in any of our offices and help their practice area grow.

Growth Client Partners. We invest in and partner with a number of our clients for long–term, strategic and mutual, symbiotic growth. Growth Client Partners are responsible for one or more of our large clients and shape these relationships strategically so that we are providing value to clients across a number of our practices.

Corporate Careers

Each of our corporate functions plays a critical role in our growth, service delivery, talent development, and overall ability of the organization to operate smoothly in an enjoyable work environment. We consider those that work within these corporate functions to be as important and critical to our client success as any of our practitioners. As such, we invest in their development and growth in their respective functions as much as we do in all other career tracks.

At any given point in time, we have a number of open opportunities in other areas of Trianz such as HR, Talent Acquisition, Finance, Information Technology, and Marketing.

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