The cloud presents a paradigm shift in enterprise computing. Where on-prem infrastructure is restrictive and complex to manage, the cloud unlocks a whole new world of possibilities through scalability and simplified operations management, where server infrastructure can adapt alongside your business.

As compared to traditional on-prem infrastructure, the cloud delivers substantial cost benefits at scale at the enterprise level. Its real-time analytics, virtual R&D, and design capabilities help accelerate new product/service and internal IT application launches.

Optimizing cloud costs will yield better results if organizations think strategically and establish strong processes to stay on track. But there are a lot of service-specific steps they can undertake to get their budget under control. Trianz has developed a unique approach to align with its clients no matter where they are in their cloud adoption journey.

Cloud presents

The key steps in this cloud assessment phase include:

Service Level Agreement

A focus on detailed migration strategy and identification of all dependencies

Improved Reliability for Business

A scorecard to help strategize, architect and map application landscape to cloud services

End Point Security

Guidance to develop a Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment plan

Cloud Optimization Is a Fundamental Driver for Investment Among All Industries And Industry Leaders

Cloud adoption has begun to demonstrate cost-saving benefits on IT infrastructure and business applications across all industries. Our data suggest that digital champions (the companies who have found the most success in their digital transformations) see even higher benefits in time-to-market for products/services and cybersecurity due to enterprise-wide initiatives.

Cost Optimization as a Driver for Investment

Cloud Optimization Is a Fundamental Driver

Source: Trasers(Trianz Research)

Our Approach to Cloud Optimization and Strategy

As part of our strategic execution analysis, Trianz takes a comprehensive approach to analyzing a client’s readiness for the migration of applications to a public or private cloud infrastructure.

We recognize that every cloud migration assessment and strategy must begin by gathering the right information from your business units. This step of our framework includes conducting a current-state analysis, and further refinement and assessment to ensure the application portfolio meets the fundamental evaluation criteria.

We work with clients to help them:

Service Level Agreement

Define strategic objectives

Improved Reliability for Business

Create a cloud council, detailed technology, and execution roadmap

End Point Security

Gain cross-functional companywide buy-in

End Point Security

Undertake financial planning

Service Level Agreement

Accurately estimate cost(s) for solutions

Improved Reliability for Business

Evaluate application and processes for migration (as-is-recoding)

End Point Security

Understand issues related to public cloud, security, governance, risk, and compliance

And we don’t stop there. Our cloud strategy services specialists recommend a best-in-breed architecture to make your ‘cloud-first’ strategy implementation a resounding success.



Business Impacts and Transformational Outcomes

By optimizing your cloud applications and infrastructure, your business will realize these benefits:

Reliable Services

Reliable Services

Cloud scaling helps provide computing resources depending on demand, offering service reliability and an excellent end-user experience with minimal service interruption.

Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service

Eliminate Upfront Hardware Costs

Leveraging on-demand cloud-based services delivers instant ROI and optimizes operational costs that can be spread over monthly payments.

Reduced Operational Expenditure

Reduced Operational Expenditure

The cloud’s ability to leverage platform-specific functionality helps you reduce the cost of managing traditional legacy applications and eliminates redundancies of older hardware architectures. This optimizes your applications and infrastructure, minimizes costs, and delivers high-caliber digital experiences for customers.

Better performance

Better Performance

Our approach helps ensure your applications are performing to their full potential and realizes efficiencies through integrating and redeveloping services in the cloud. Performance overheads are minimized, improving the user experience and attracting more customers to your product or service offering.

Application and infrastructure optimization

Application and Infrastructure Optimization

With operational costs reduced and performance improved, financial capital for other endeavors is freed up to further solidify the quality of your service delivery.

Better performance

Application and Infrastructure Scaling

When you need higher performance, the cloud offers you elastic scaling functionality. This level of performance while minimizing costs is a win-win for enterprises.

Optimize Your Cloud Operations With Trianz

It’s an incredibly competitive environment for enterprises, and they need every opportunity they can find to beat the competition. With the cloud, you can benefit from an optimized, scalable infrastructure that lets your business grow without limitations.

Our experts have already helped hundreds of our clients optimize their applications and infrastructure while leveraging the immense benefits of the cloud. With IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) under control, your business can instead focus on customer growth and satisfaction.

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