Accelerate and Enhance Analytical Capability Via Data Mesh

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, companies are increasingly opting for data lakes with real-time stream processing and data availability. Organizations are opting for this with the intent to ingest, enrich, transform, and serve data to a centralized platform. However, for a majority of organizations this architecture has a few shortcomings:

  • Teams have less control over enormous sets of distributed data via a central ETL pipeline.

  • Organizations today generate new, vast sets of data and this requires different types of transformation for different data use cases. This scenario puts huge pressure on the central platform.

Chaotic lakes of data result in impatient and disconnected data consumers and backlogged data teams. Our data mesh services offer domains or business areas with the capability to perform enhanced analytics without the need of a centralized data lake. This system puts control in the hands of your domain teams, making them responsible to manage their data quality and pipelines.

Data Mesh Principles


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Trianz Has Built One of the World’s Largest Databases on Digital Transformation.

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformations with data from over 5,000 companies spanning 20 industries. We understand the state of data and digital transformations, investment priorities, the latest technologies and the best practices followed by the most successful companies in the world.

We found that 40% of the digital champions – companies that have successfully transformed digitally – have full management alignment, which is critical for the success of data mesh.

Leadership should align with end-to-end cloud initiatives for successful deployments of services such as data mesh. The involvement of leaders becomes critical during the conceptualization of these initiatives. Even though cloud technologies require new investments and write-off of yet-to-depreciate on-premise investments, leadership must align with the fact that the cloud generates massive acceleration of digital transformation.

37% of digital champions that are deploying data analytics on the cloud report that management is fully aligned, funded, and undergoing transition.

Percentage of IT Decision Makers, Globally


Source: Trasers


Cloud computing has revolutionized the way enterprises derive value from data. The elasticity of cloud technology solves workload challenges quickly and efficiently, from anywhere, and through any device.

What is Data Mesh?

Data mesh is an architectural paradigm that connects distributed data in an enterprise to enable data analytics at scale rapidly. Data mesh paradigms advocate that the ownership of data should be distributed across domain data owners, each with the responsibility to host and serve their datasets in an easily consumable way.

Data Mesh Platform


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Effective, Efficient Delivery of Impactful Data

Data is a simple yet complex aspect of businesses today. Businesses are often challenged with issues like: real-time access to data across their enterprise (some on-prem and some in a multi-cloud environment), application services not able to query the right data for analytical needs, the high costs of creating a centralized data lake and the dilution in ownership of data.

Trianz’s data mesh services will assist you in overcoming these pain points effectively and efficiently. Our data mesh services:

  • Will help to connect to your data sources wherever they are (on-prem or multi-cloud) in order to overcome your data complexities.

  • Offer an accelerated solution to build business intelligence analytics without the need to move to a centralized data lake; because importing data to and from your data warehouse can often be a costly affair.

  • Assist you in navigating seamlessly within the data loop and its varied aspects, from information to action.

  • Effectively implement an enterprise data analytics platform in months instead of years.

Higher Reliable Services


Our services help in

  • Adoption of a distributed system of data governance

  • Ensure interoperability of domain-based data products via automation.

  • Interoperability coupled with decentralization

  • Focus on data experience of consumers

Eliminate Upfront Hardware Costs

Best fit

We assess what is ideal for organizations, considering the data sets created by

  • Numerous domains

  • Systems

  • Teams

The deployment of data mesh requires an investment from the organization to build a self-serve data platform.

Reduced Operational Expenditure


  • Current & Future State

  • Prioritized Roadmaps

  • Structure & Stewardship



  • Data governance programs

  • Data security monitoring

  • Automation

Transform with Trianz

A majority of the organisations today have the aim to become a data-driven organization with enhanced and real-time analytics (diagnostic, Predictive and prescriptive) on their distributed data. Data mesh helps to implement this at lower costs and in quick time.

When we say “Digital Evolution Simplified,” we’re reflecting on our extensive portfolio of services and capabilities covering business and technology evolutionary transformations; a stellar track record of over 2,500 successful global client partnerships and engagements powered by innovative, futuristic methodologies.

Ready to provide your IT infrastructure with the edge it needs to streamline operations and manage capacity effectively? Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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