With the introduction of the cloud, a new world of enterprise computing was born. The cloud is scalable, flexible and more economical than on-prem, making it an excellent choice for both startups and established businesses. Despite these benefits, there is still a place for on-prem infrastructure. Some companies are unwilling to hand over control of sensitive information to a third party. Others may have specialized computational tasks that are unable to run in the cloud. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best of both worlds.

A hybrid cloud operational strategy allows you to leverage the benefits of the cloud as well as on-prem. Our experts have helped hundreds of businesses navigate the cloud, mixing and matching best-in-breed platforms and applications to deliver meaningful digital transformations.

Hybrid cloud operational strategy benefits

The hybrid cloud offers a solution for enterprises that want to partially leverage the cloud while retaining their existing on-prem infrastructure deployment. It could also be the case that enterprises are in the middle of a migration and need their on-prem infrastructure to remain operational while transitioning to the cloud.

Some benefits of a hybrid cloud operational strategy include:

  • Cloud bursting – When demand peaks and resource utilization maxes out, your on-prem data center could collapse. You have no room for growth and adding more processing capacity is uneconomical. With the hybrid cloud, you can host services on-prem and failover to the cloud when demand peaks. This concept is called cloud bursting and helps you sustain high levels of service delivery quality with minimal downtime.

  • Simplify SDLC – For DevOps workloads, the cloud is the optimal place to work. Agile development methodologies rely on continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), and the cloud simplifies this with on-demand computing resources. You could do this on-prem, but finite resources and long deployment timeframes mean it’s less than ideal. This makes the hybrid cloud an optimal choice.

  • Reduced operational expenditure – Public cloud platforms share resources between multiple customers to maximize resource utilization. This allows hosting providers to offer lower prices than on-prem hardware. Full migration to the cloud can significantly reduce your IT operational expenditure. With the hybrid cloud, you can still reduce your expenditure, just not to the same extent.

Hybrid cloud operational strategy services with Trianz

Trianz is a leading hybrid cloud assessment and implementation provider. Our experts are well-versed in heterogeneous computing scenarios, with competencies including managed service provider (MSP) status on AWS and Azure. We have helped hundreds of established businesses to partially leverage the cloud without interrupting their existing services. By opting for a hybrid cloud strategy, you can take more time to undertake a cloud migration or retain both options for enterprise agility and flexibility.

Our experts offer a range of hybrid cloud operational strategy services, including:

  • Cloud skill development – Moving from on-prem to the cloud will require new skills and competencies in your workforce. Without these, productivity may fall, and misconfiguration of your new infrastructure could jeopardize business continuity.

    Our experts can work with departments across your business, educating them on how to use your new cloud services. We can share technical knowledge on the maintenance and development of cloud services with your IT departments, so they are well-prepared to take back control after completion.

  • AI and ML – Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have great potential for IT operations management. Continuous monitoring of your infrastructure and applications using AI and ML will allow you to proactively remediate problems and even automate remediation for low-level administrative workloads.

    Our experts have helped our clients to leverage AI and ML, using services like predictive intelligence with our partner ServiceNow. We leverage a new paradigm in IT operations management called AIOps to automate system administration and server failovers for our clients. Simply put, you can hand over mundane tasks to an intelligent AI and give your employees more time to focus on what really matters - your customers.

  • Platform-agnostic infrastructure management – With hybrid cloud infrastructure deployments, there is a lack of integration. How can you connect your on-prem data center to the cloud and maintain consistency despite architectural differences? This is a problem with heterogeneous infrastructure and can severely disrupt business operations if left unchecked.

    Our experts have developed in-house the Concierto.cloud platform to remediate the issue. Concierto.cloud is designed to simplify IT operations (ITOM) and service (ITSM) management in heterogeneous computing environments. The platform enables seamless integration of ISV applications, along with a unified and standardized management dashboard that allows you to manage AWS, Azure and GCP instances—all from a single access point.

Build your hybrid cloud with Trianz

Why should you choose between on-prem and the cloud when you can have the best worlds of both with a hybrid cloud operational strategy? We have helped several clients to diversify their IT infrastructure across on-prem and the cloud. This gives your enterprise the agility to develop and deploy your services, without technology as a limiting factor.

We can help your business leverage the hybrid cloud effectively. Schedule a consultation today!

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