Kubernetes, along with other container technologies, has been a boon for DevOps professionals looking to test the fault tolerance of their software and infrastructure. Much like how virtualization technology revolutionized legacy IT operations, container technology is revolutionizing the cloud DevOps scene.

At Trianz, we understand the complex nature of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Developers need immediate access to scalable computing resources to test their software. For live services, container technologies can improve operational resilience and simplify the software update process. Our experts are experienced with K8S, EKS, and other container technologies on AWS. We can help you start leveraging this new DevOps paradigm to improve the scalability and efficiency of your containers on AWS.

AWS container scaling services with Trianz

Trianz is a leading containerization assessment and implementation firm that has helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients to leverage the benefits of container technologies on AWS. We offer a range of container scaling services on AWS, including:

  • Chaos Engineering for Scaling - Chaos engineering is a controlled method of injecting faults into an IT system. It is often used to test the resilience of both, live and development environments proactively. It is essential to make clear that the “chaos” is controlled with these engineering experiments. Deleting your only database without a backup will create chaos, but that chaos will quickly result in the demise of a business. Ironically you should approach chaos engineering with a conservative mindset.

    Our experts can perform chaos engineering tests on your containers to test their resilience. This will allow development teams to remediate software problems and further bolster your operational resilience in the cloud. Container scaling can be problematic when it comes to network port configurations and conflicting host machines, and our engineering tests can help you minimize these faults.

  • Container Orchestration – Enterprises probably need multiple containers to deliver their services. Managing these containers can be complicated, but orchestration technologies can simplify container management. Amazon ECS is a platform-native container orchestration service on AWS, with EKS being specific to Kubernetes clusters.

    Our experts are knowledgeable about multiple containerization and orchestration technologies, allowing us to implement the optimal solution for your business needs. Both ECS and EKS run on the AWS Fargate platform, a serverless compute environment for containers. This allows us to develop scalable container solutions on AWS for your business, without the additional IT operations management (ITOM) burden.

Stand Up New Systems in Isolated Containers with Reduced Overhead

For years, development teams have struggled with provisioning server hardware on time. To combat this problem, Google created Kubernetes— often abbreviated as K8S—back in 2014. An individual K8S container is a full runtime environment for testing and deploying software, consisting of the application, required dependencies, libraries, binaries, and configuration files. This container taps into the host OS kernel, creating a virtual desktop environment without needing multiple operating systems to run at once.

There are many benefits to using container technologies on AWS, including:

  • Less Overhead – Since containers use the host OS kernel to execute commands, this reduces the resource requirement of containerized services. This is beneficial as it reduces processing and storage requirements, thus driving down costs. When scaling your containerized applications, these cost savings will manifest even further.

    AWS offers numerous container-based services on its platform. AWS Fargate is designed for serverless compute scenarios with containers. Then, you have container orchestration solutions through the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). These solutions integrate with other security services on AWS like CloudWatch, IAM and VPC, making for a secure and economical container environment.

  • Expedite the SDLC - During the testing phase of the development cycle, developers will need to validate their code in a variety of computing environments. However, slight differences in the available libraries, system drivers and underlying host operating system can prevent this software from executing correctly. In a world where continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) is increasingly prevalent, these incompatibilities can significantly hinder development progress.

    With containers, developers can test their code faster, with fewer slowdowns relating to hardware provisioning. This will expedite the SDLC, improving the efficiency of your development team.

Container scaling with Trianz on AWS

Container technologies have already begun to revolutionize the DevOps scene. A combination of minimal resource usage, highly scalable compute nodes and bolstered resiliency represent a new paradigm in enterprise cloud computing. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you leverage container technologies on AWS. These technologies will improve your ITOM efficiency and expedite development cycles to bring new functionality to the market faster—all of which will benefit business growth.

Containers are the next big thing for cloud computing. Be a part of this paradigm shift by getting in touch with our experts.

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