Loyalty Co. Seeks Cloud Platform Evolution

Having anticipated the cloud trend in business, a customer loyalty program management company (let’s call them Loyalty Co.), mainly serving the banking and financial sector, saw an opportunity to expand their services into the digital platforms of the future.

Adopting Cloud Before It Was Popular

Six years ago, at the time that Loyalty Co. envisioned their cloud evolution, it was not as common to consider full-scale cloud migration or cloud-native application platforms. In fact, back then, the cloud was in its nascent stages, and was mainly used as a backup location for offline, on-premise files and application data.

While Loyalty Co. wanted to have a cloud-native application platform to host and manage the services they offered to their bank clients, they didn’t want to build an in-house cloud team. Instead, they preferred to have an internal team managing the applications, while the cloud layer would be architected and managed by an external service provider.

Concierto.cloud to Address Loyalty Co.’s Cloud Needs

With this goal in mind, Loyalty Co. worked with Trianz to come with the ideal cloud solution to manage their customer rewards program applications. As Loyalty Co. provides their services to the banking industry, offering an application platform to clients who have credit card rewards programs, they needed to build a fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and secure cloud solution.

Furthermore, because each new bank enrolling as a user of Loyalty Co.’s customer rewards services would require a separate platform for their customers, the cloud solution would need to be fully data segregated.

Upon understanding Loyalty Co.’s vision, the Trianz team presented them with our in-house, full-service cloud management solution – Concierto.cloud. With the Concierto.cloud tool, our experts are able to design each of Loyalty Co.’s cloud environments via cloud service providers (CSPs, such as Azure and AWS), as well as their incident, change, and update management systems. This ensured that they would not need to dedicate their own resources to managing their cloud platform, giving them a hands-off, automated, fully monitored solution to address their application needs.

Considering that promotional events are very important to customer loyalty programs, Trianz was also able to leverage the flexibility and scalability of trusted CSPs, so that Loyalty Co.’s platform infrastructure would auto-scale very quickly to respond to sudden spikes in usage.

The Technical Takeaway

Concierto.cloud empowered Loyalty Co. to achieve their vision of having a structured solution for their customer rewards platforms that adhered completely to PCI regulatory compliance standards. Trianz was able to ensure this by letting several authorities audit the environments every time a new bank signed on as a client.

Loyalty Co. would undergo security and compliance audits by the new bank and by the Reserve Bank of India, as well as auditing the environments themselves – making for a total of four audits per engagement. Thus, it was made quite certain that Concierto.cloud strictly adhered to various data governance policies.

Furthermore, the cloud platform addressed Loyalty Co.’s evolving needs, especially regarding their ever-growing client base. Over the past six years, Trianz has engaged with Loyalty Co. five times, creating a new, fully auto-scalable environment every time a new bank uses their services.

The Impact to Business

Through their engagement with Trianz and Concierto.cloud, Loyalty Co. saw significant business impact thanks to our shared services model. Since the servers and environments are entirely cloud-native and managed by our team of experts, Loyalty Co. saw significant cost reductions. Our approach also includes a monthly cadence report on the use of servers and resources, with recommendations regarding even further cost savings.

The Trianz Transformation

Loyalty Co. seized upon the many opportunities presented by cloud computing, and became an early adopter of an entirely cloud-native approach to their applications and infrastructure. With the help of Concierto.cloud, which has also been evolving and expanding over the past six years, they were able to transform into a digitally forward, cloud-empowered organization.

As cloud technology continues to grow and develop new features, Loyalty Co. will likewise continue to experience the benefits of their cloud-native platform, adapting quickly to address their customers’ needs, as well as offering smoother user experiences and automation easily.

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