I thank the Trianz team for its hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Really appreciate Trianz bringing Microsoft to the table. The Azure platform, as provisioned by, and the solution architecture are poised to make a significant impact on our customer service needs.

Senior Director,
West Coast International Airport
My Problem

As a major international travel hub, we needed to have our in-house operations function smoothly for a seamless passenger experience. However, we were facing great difficulty in managing it efficiently. We needed Trianz to help us strategize and develop a sound management system to support our internal team.

Simply Solved

Trianz introduced Microsoft Azure to help make a significant impact on our customer service needs. The gains in efficiency and capability for our Lost and Found and Film Operations have been truly game changing. We have also been able to cultivate a lot of interest and support within the organization among senior management. Trianz is managing the implementation too, which is taking significant weight off our IT team.