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The quantity of data we generate has multiplied substantially over the past decade, with increasing overlaps and multiple handling points, introducing new problems with data governance and compliance with the law. Now, personally protected information (PPI) is strictly governed by laws like GDPR and CCPA, presenting a significant risk to enterprises that store this information.

When data is not governed at the source through proper stewardship, it can lead to wrong conclusions. When data is not protected, it can be hacked, leading to erosion of trust and financial liabilities. When data isn’t architected, stored or retrieved as per regulatory requirements. When data falls into the wrong hands, there is no way of getting it back. This is why data governance, protection and compliance are absolutely fundamental to any enterprise data management and analytics framework.

But when data governance is strong and holistic, it becomes a powerful competitive advantage for the business.


Leverage best practices in data governance

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformation with data from over 5,000 companies globally. We are data-driven and we understand the best practices in enterprise data management.

80% of Industry Digital Champions are investing in data governance capabilities for a strong, scalable foundation before integrating data or building advanced analytics capabilities

Data Governance is a fundamental investment for
Industry Leaders

Data Governance Strategy

Source: Trasers’ Global Digital Transformation Survey

We help design and deploy end-to-end data governance capabilities

In order to be truly effective, data governance has to be holistic and all-encompassing. We have helped numerous clients deploy data governance frameworks from scratch as well as improve and enhance existing capabilities.

What is Data Governance Consulting Services

clients we serve

We Will Help You Deploy the Right Data Governance Technologies

We begin with business concepts, imperatives and targeted outcomes, delivering on those with accuracy and impact. Our data governance technology competencies and partnerships include:

Our technology competencies

Orchestrating the Transformation with Trianz

Over the past 20 years, Trianz has successfully helped numerous clients achieve design and deploy data governance frameworks.



  • Benchmarking & Best Practices

  • Regulations

  • Security

  • Technology



  • Current & Future State

  • Prioritized Roadmaps

  • Structure & Stewardship



  • Business & Technology Consulting Teams

  • Technology Selection

  • Technology Implementation

  • Training & Rollout



  • Data Governance Programs

  • Data Security Monitoring

  • Automation

Gain transformational benefits with data governance, compliance and protection services:

Data governance Model

Increase Data Value

By improving stewardship, storage and integrity, your data becomes more trustworthy and valuable when generating business insights. Iterative learning and improvement help leverage it for new business models, efficient processes, and decision-making.

IT and Data Governance

Scale with Standardized Processes

Data governance fails when processes are incorrectly followed or do not scale. Key to success in the endeavor is the formation of a Data Governance Council, as well as identification of key roles and responsibilities with accountability, role clarity and adjudicating mechanisms.

Enterprise Data Governance

Improve Enterprise Reputation and Customer Trust

Your customers trust you with their data – up until a breach occurs. The aftermath of a data breach includes significant loss of consumer trust, financial liabilities, and the tarnishing of your organization’s reputation. By enforcing strict governance and compliance policies, you can ensure a ‘no news is good news’ environment with customers, as far as their data is concerned.

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