Establish and deploy a framework for Procedures, Policies, and Standards

Your enterprise generates all types of data — transactional and non-transactional, analytical, referential, hierarchical, meta data and so on — which are critical to your business operations. How do you manage and ensure the accuracy, uniformity, consistency, accessibility, and stewardship of these critical data assets across your organization? By deploying an effective master data management (MDM) solution, you can not only gain more control over the data quality and governance but also improve the operational agility, compliance and performance of your business. A robust MDM software can also support your evolving IT landscape, business rules and accurately measure their impact.

But, given the crowded marketplace, how will you choose the right master data management company to provide MDM services? If you are just getting started or considering deployment of MDM products and customer data management solutions, then Trianz is your ‘Partner of Choice.’

We partner with industry’s leading data management solutions providers to develop and implement effective MDM programs for companies like yours. Our engagements range from single business unit deployments to enterprise-wide initiatives, including providing procedures, policies, and standards that serve as a robust framework for consistent business practices and data uniformity.

Our MDM consulting team, led by veteran thought leaders, work closely with your leadership teams and business units to define your business challenges and goals before designing and mapping out architectures for data integration, data quality management, and data metrics. We then develop appropriate methodologies and business process rule sets to establish an adaptable, single master source of information for data hierarchies, segmentation, and definition. However, the design and approach definition of a master data management solution is only the first step along the MDM path. The more challenging part is changing the existing internal processes and enabling  end-user adoption of the new solution. Unlike other data management companies that only provide MDM implementation, we assist you with expert resources to:

  • Provide change management expertise to help your organization migrate smoothly to the new solution
  • Tailor time-tested change management methodologies to your environment and your timelines
  • Set expectations and measure results along the way
  • Help build trust in your new solution and increase buy-in throughout your organization by providing quantifiable results
  • Provide ongoing, provable and sustainable value to your organization
An economical option for Master Data Management

In addition to the MDM solution, our Cloud Practice presents an economical, efficient and secure data warehouse platform for your business users to collect, aggregate, match, consolidate, qualify and validate sensitive data. Its advantages include elimination of costly duplicate processes; higher quality, up-to-date information across user entities; automated data governance and compliance rules to ensure ongoing consistency and control. Our clients and technology partners attest to the long-term value of our MDM engagements.

If you are seeking any specific master data management services, please reach out to us. We’re here to help!