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The term “application migration” is the method or activity of relocating the organization's application from its source to a new destination or environment. The cost benefits of migration to the cloud are obvious. The cloud also forces teams to rethink, refactor and rearchitect to deliver real business impact from cloud-based solutions.

What is less obvious is the acceleration benefits of migrating applications to the cloud. Our data shows that companies that migrate applications to the cloud on average deliver business solutions 2-3 times faster than their counterparts who still rely on legacy formats.

We understand the best practices of
cloud adoption

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformations globally. With data from over 5,000 companies spanning 20 industries, we understand where migrations are, and what migration priorities and strategies the most successful companies are adopting.

As you begin migrating applications to the Cloud at an increasing scale, traditional approaches and support models will not work. Our data helps clients prioritize with an eye on the competition. We also bring a deep understanding of adoption patterns, platforms, IP and process capabilities to help you manage your cloud applications at scale.

Cloud Adoption and Use by Global IT Leaders

Cloud Adoption and Use by Global IT Leaders

Source: Trasers

× Key Data Monetization Considerations

What does application migration involve?

There is an array of choices for IT organizations in the era of the cloud as far as how they want to manage their applications. Some of these are listed below:


Rehost or Lift and Shift

  • Sometimes an intermediate step

  • Candidates – large, antiquated applications

  • Pros – Low cost option; delivers Infra savings

  • Cons – Does not provide full Cloud benefits



  • Limited rearchitecting of back-end

  • An intermediate step to refactoring

  • Candidates – large custom applications

  • Pros – Low cost option; delivers infrastructure and elasticity benefits

  • Cons – Does not provide full cloud benefits



  • Major or complete re-architecture

  • New features and functionality

  • Candidates – any critical custom application

  • Pros – Provides benefits of new features as a cloud native application

  • Cons – Expensive


Repurchase or Upgrade

  • Upgrading to a Cloud/SaaS version of an existing vendor application

  • Candidates – enterprise applications of any size

  • Pros – Minimal effort if same vendor

  • Cons – Can be expensive if switching vendors

What choice a team makes is a function of targeted business priorities, objectives and benefits, as well as the availability of budget and resources.

Application migration at scale

While the fundamentals of migrating a specific application to the cloud remain the same, the game changes when a portfolio is being considered for cloud migration.

For migration at scale, Trianz deploys application migration centers of excellence (CoE) designed to generate speed, efficiency and cost benefits that come from scale of economy.

Applications Migration at Scale

Trianz brings the strong program management, governance, change management and communication skills that are essential for a large-scale migration program.

Our approach

Each phase of a CoE deployment involves a series of simultaneous activities. Here are the major outcomes of each phase of strategy and execution.

Data Governance Process


  • Business objectives & prioritization

  • Grouping of applications by migration strategy

  • Program governance model

  • Cloud platform(s) selection

  • Financial planning & roadmap development

Data Governance Standards

Architecture & Migration IP Design

  • Technology-based groupings

  • Refactoring models

  • SDLC & DevOps model

  • Repetitive reference architectures

  • Tooling, automation

Data Management Governance

Application Migration

  • Application-level design

  • Test and rollout

  • Rehost, Re-platform, Refactor or Replace

Technology competencies and reusable IP

Application migrations to the Cloud involve more than pure ‘lift and shift’ skills but also need deep applications design and development capabilities. A few special capabilities we highlight here are as follows:

Performance Monitoring for Workloads


Which platform you select will ultimately come down to your industry, company and technology situation. Trianz, however, is able to support migration to all three platforms.

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Productivity Improvement

Digital Studios for UX-UI Design

Refactoring of applications requires both back-end as well as strong UX-UI capabilities. With a state-of-the-art design studio based in Silicon Valley, California, Trianz teams partner with business owners of applications to deliver cloud-native and modern user experiences.

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ITOM Infrastructure Optimization

Custom Applications Development

As a global practice with over 5,000 applications of design and development experience, we are able to design and deliver Microsoft or Java/open-source applications of any size and scale.

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ITOM Infrastructure Optimization

Reusable Cloud Migration IP

Application migration requires skills, competencies and IP – not just for the application, but also for the underlying data and infrastructure. We help accelerate and reduce the cost of application migration through a series of reusable IP.


Accelerate your digital transformation by migrating applications with Trianz

We bring a reputation and track record of having migrated hundreds of very large, complex custom applications, implementing enterprise applications, and migrating data and underlying infrastructures. We promise you the following results in your application migrations:

Data Governance Process

Replicate our success with other clients

  • Over 500 migrations under our belt

  • 93% client retention rate for continued services

  • Leverage a learning curve from our past – eliminate known mistakes

Data Governance Standards

Modernize while migrating

  • Utilize our award-winning Studio capabilities to modernize key applications and deliver the impact of the cloud to business stakeholders and users.

Data Management Governance

Accelerate App migrations with IP, automation & reusability

  • Templates for every step of the process

  • Reusable IP for migrations at scale

Data Quality Governance

Optimize migration costs

  • Pay by workload, not headcount

  • Reduce costs with scale & repetitive reuse of IP & Accelerators


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