Building a Successful Cloud Application Migration Strategy

Cloud computing has become the indispensable tool for business applications. Cloud migration solutions can provide agility, flexibility, efficiency, cost-savings, as well as added control and security. If you are considering your own application migration, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the entire process. Thankfully, expert cloud app migration consulting firms, such as Trianz, can help you make sense of the maze of options, and get the best results from your migration. Here are just some of the crucial parts of your application migration strategy we can help you with.

What do you stand to gain?

Understanding why you are migrating your applications to the cloud is just as important as understanding how. Without a clear motive, your cloud migration is destined to fail. Whether your intention is to reduce costs, improve flexibility and scalability, or some other meaningful reason, it is important to clearly define your business’s goals in migrating.

Which applications to migrate?

Not every application is one that will thrive using cloud infrastructure services. Several criteria might make an application less than ideal for migration to cloud hosting: legacy apps, mission-critical operations, or apps handling sensitive customer information, for example. However, some of these concerns may be mitigated by employing a private or hybrid cloud environment.

Application resource consumption is also a crucial consideration. Applications with inconsistent and sudden spikes in resource consumption may overload cloud resources and be poorly suited for migration.

How much of an application should be migrated?

While not every application for migration may benefit from a full migration to cloud hosted services, improvements may still be seen from partial migrations. Applications using databases, for example, may benefit from switching to a cloud-native database solution. Trianz’s application migration services can help you decide which of your applications could be improved by shifting entirely or partially to cloud services.

Security and compliance

Ensuring the security of traditional on-premise IT infrastructure is a complicated affair, and cloud services are no different. Potential considerations include potential breaches and disaster recovery, especially when sensitive or critical applications are migrated to the cloud.

A similar concern is ensuring your application’s compliance with applicable industry compliance standards and legislation concerning the handling of personal data. Notable examples of this are the GDPR implemented in Europe, and HIPAA in the United States. As non-compliance with these statutes is faced with serious consequences, special care must be taken to ensure requirements are being fulfilled following your migration. Fortunately, our experts can help you navigate these minefields.

Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Architecture

When migrating your applications to the cloud, you will have to choose a cloud architecture:

  • Public cloud: With a public cloud, resources such as servers and storage are owned and operated by a third-party provider and are provided over the internet. All hardware, software, and infrastructure are owned and managed by the provider, with you sharing them with other “tenants”. Common uses are email providers and online office applications. This option comes with low costs, zero maintenance, and incredible scalability, but may not be the most secure option for very critical operations.

  • Private cloud: In a private cloud, the hardware, software, and infrastructure resources are exclusively used by and dedicated to one specific business. The resources may be physically located on-premises or may be managed by a third-party service provider. However the resources are hosted, this cloud is accessed solely through private networks and the resources are not shared with other tenants. This can provide additional security while maintaining scalability, though it does limit access.

  • Hybrid cloud: This is the best of both worlds, as it entails some degree of combining both public and private clouds.

Trianz is a leading expert in application for migration consulting and has decades of experience helping clients get the best possible results from their cloud-based applications. Our partnership with ServiceNow, a top cloud orchestration solution, will help us provide you with a unified, cloud-agnostic management solution.

Get in touch with our experts today and find out how we can help your business grow and thrive in the cloud.

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