Snowflake PartnersHyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is the new big thing in today’s software-driven computing era. Its ability to combine compute, storage and networking through a single system to reduce data center complexity and improve scalability significantly make it as sought after as it is. Organizations are increasingly turning to HCI frameworks because it lets them run their applications (and businesses) seamlessly on the cloud without relying entirely on the cloud services a vendor offers. This gives organizations the leverage to deploy multi-cloud infrastructures and cloud-based services for optimal IT performance.

Nutanix is a leader in providing HCI solutions for storage and virtualization on an enterprise scale. Trianz leverages Nutanix’s suite to help clients build a hyperconverged system that integrates storage, virtualization, computation, virtual machine monitoring, and operating software in the cloud.

Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud platform provides control over an enterprise’s entire cloud IT environment, enabling seamless management of applications and infrastructure that is compatible across public, private and distributed clouds. HCI also provides agility and flexibility over a shared public cloud, with security for virtualization management and storage that is needed for enterprise data centers. Nutanix’s software-driven HCIs’ high-performance and seamless experience are, therefore, a win-win for both – enterprises that embrace multicloud, as well as cloud service providers.

  • HCI Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • HCI Deployment
  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Application Management Automation
  • Application Integration and Support
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Protection