Azure Cloud Services

Every organization today, irrespective of its size, is transforming itself into a digital entity. Upstarts with new products/ services, cloud-based models, and unique experiences providing capabilities are reshaping customer relationships and the definition of success. Additionally, we have cloud computing bringing in the agility aspect into the ‘digital transformation’ process by providing a platform that facilitates innovation through a framework that rapidly releases new capabilities and a pipeline for moving ideas from inception to production.

A fast-evolving and innovative platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud is capable of introducing new services and features, while reducing costs. In fact, Azure is already enabling organizations and their employees to quickly define, design, develop and assess new product features. It not only drives value out of connected devices, but also enables a dynamic experience for organizations’ clients.

Trianz, on its part, is a Managed Services Partner for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. We help enterprises to plan and adopt Azure’s hyper-scale public cloud, enterprise-grade capability, and true private and hybrid cloud offerings. We also leverage Microsoft products for our clients to create new imperatives like Analytics, DB migration, DevOps using .Net Framework, SharePoint / exchange and DC migration on Azure.

Key Benefits

Applications and Database Migration.

Enterprises that move to the cloud get to market quicker, in addition to being able to reduce capital expenses, minimize support costs, and increase scalability. Trianz helps you migrate your application(s) and database(s) to the Azure cloud to achieve these benefits easily. We also ensure your business maintains the performance, security and reliability levels it needs to be successful.

  • Architecture, Data Migration and Integrations
  • Structured framework for database migration and testing services
  • Hybrid data migration strategy and implementation
  • Expertise in homogenous database upgrades and heterogeneous migration
  • 24x7 support services
  • On-premises and cloud database technology support

Cloud Managed Services.

With proven experience and expertise on Managed Services, Trianz ensures your Azure journey is seamless. Trianz provides enterprises with quick deployment, full cloud lifecycle support, unified dashboard(s) for infrastructure monitoring and management, compliance controls, API integration for easy extensibility, among several other advantages.

  • Deployment of application environment in minutes
  • Accelerated reporting and analytics with faster data crunching
  • Increased uptime of applications and infrastructure
  • Better control over IT environment and costs
  • Ability to add increased capacity on demand
  • Shortened timelines for product releases

Data Center Migration.

Trianz empowers your data center infrastructure to enhance its agility and resilience. We also migrate and manage it on Microsoft cloud by creating hybrid and public cloud environments on Azure. Trianz’ highly experienced cloud consultants, architects and engineers help clients build a powerful automated migration ‘factory’ that streamlines the movement of current workloads to Microsoft Azure. Proven cloud and infrastructure experience of working with large organizations positions Trianz extremely well to handle DC migrations of any size.

  • A more dynamic and robust infrastructure at lower cost through migration from legacy systems to best-in-class, smart cloud solution on Azure
  • Frees up resources to work on higher value deliverables by running the factory with attractive per-VM migration cost

Trianz and Microsoft Azure offer a broad range of cloud-based solutions including application and data migration and infrastructure solutions, and the partnership is ready to help you best leverage the cloud for maximum benefit.


Trianz and Microsoft Azure are helping businesses compete in an increasingly digital environment by migrating to the Cloud and reaping the benefits. Click below to learn how cloud migration can help your business, from cost reductions to speed-to-market.


Trianz and Microsoft Azure offer a broad range of cloud-based solutions including application and data migration and infrastructure solutions, and the partnership is ready to help you best leverage the cloud for maximum benefit.



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