AWS Glue is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services. It is a full-fledged data integration service used by hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. AWS Glue runs in a serverless environment, with no need for provisioning, configuring, or spinning up servers .

With the pay-as-you-go model and the capability to integrate petabyte-scale volumes of data, Glue is quickly becoming a popular choice for building secure and scalable data lakes, warehouse, lake-house and data mesh architectures. With AWS Glue, you can discover and connect to various diverse data sources and manage your data in a centralized data catalog. AWS Glue capabilities include data discovery, modern ETL, data cleansing and transformations. Being a Serverless service, it requires no infrastructure to manage with offering flexible support for all types of workloads such as ETL, ELT and streaming. With ability to scale on demand, it helps us to focus on high-volume activities that maximize the value of data.

Data Management Should Not Be a Deterrent to Success

Glue Connectors

AWS Glue provides built-in support for the commonly used data stores such as Amazon Redshift, Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server using JDBC connection. These connectors allow you to create Glue jobs with ability to extract, transform and load (ETL). A connector is an optional code packages that assists with accessing data stores in AWS Glue Studio.

AWS Glue also allows you to subscribe to several connectors offered in AWS Marketplace. While creating a job, we can use a natively supported data source or use a connector from AWS Marketplace based on specific source system you are trying to extract and load data.

Our AWS Glue Data Connectors Ecosystem

Trianz has developed number of connectors that are available in AWS Marketplace to further subscribe and use. These spark-based high-performance connectors are 20-50x faster during extraction and load than other external traditional connectors. We have made these connectors available for download on the AWS Glue Marketplace and are the only company developing these high-performance connectors globally. These connector helps in extracting and loading a high volume of data efficiently from source systems in real-time while leveraging the native transformation capabilities of Glue/Glue Studio.

We have multiple connectors that are ready to be deployed from the AWS Marketplace.

* Not Available on AWS Marketplace

Key Features of Our AWS Glue Data Connectors

Data Integration

Simplify the cloud ETL processes to extract & load data and improve data integration across platforms.

Data Accessibility

Comprehensive access to data, facilitating cloud ETL processes for operational reporting, data governance, and more.

Unmatched Performance

Highly optimized read / write performance for blazing-fast BI, Reporting & data integration.

Enterprise-class Features

Robust connectivity, dynamic metadata, partitioning including performance optimization.

Trianz’s AWS Glue Data Connectors Produce Powerful Results - at Scale

  • Spark-based high-performance connectors, which are 20-50x faster than other traditional connectors available in the market.

  • Our Salesforce data connector for AWS Glue has demonstrated up to 50X faster data integration results when compared to other connectors.

  • Our connectors are spark based with ability to scale on demand seamlessly allows to process high volume of data.

Data Management Should Not Be a Deterrent to Success

Key Benefits of Using Trianz Glue Connectors


Availability to connecters helps in expediting the ETL work resulting in faster access to data.


Lower turnaround time in delivering insights to businesses.


Ability to seamlessly aggregate data coming from various sources leading to availability of enriched data delivering greater insights helping in improved decision making.


Implemented in adherence to AWS best practices such as Metadata, partitioning including performance optimization.


Support Information

Please reach out to [email protected] for support information around specific connectors.


Our Connectors Ecosystem

Trianz has developed several data connectors from scratch for multiple AWS services like Athena, AppFlow, QuickSight, Glue, etc. while delivering managed support and enhancements, & integration with the wider data and analytics ecosystem. AWS has acquired Trianz developed Athena Data Connectors for businesses to query data anywhere & various customers have downloaded & begun using the Trianz developed Athena Federated Query connectors in just 6 months.

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Talend Partners

Trianz & AWS – an Engineering Partnership

Trianz is an engineering partner of AWS. Together, we are pioneering next-gen data and analytics and aim to build over various data, apps and AI connectors. The digital economy is about ‘being connected’ and what Trianz is doing is to help build the ‘Connected Eco-system’ for AWS. We are sole source partner at Athena (Data), QuickSight (BI) and Glue (ETL). This partnership allows us to bring the latest innovation in cutting edge data technologies to our clients.


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