Data Analytics and the Digital Tide

One of the keys to succeeding in your digital transformation journey lies in a flexible, agile, and integrated data supply chain that enables advanced analytics and seamless data access across diverse networks. This will help your organization leverage its most valuable asset – customer, product, channel, and external big data.

Our research practice has gathered over 1.5 million data points on all areas of digital transformation, and our data shows that only 7% of organizations achieve industry-leading success through their transformation initiatives. We call this select group “Digital Champions.” Digital Champions plan and execute their new data-driven business models effectively to promote loyalty in their customer base and drive profitability growth at a rate faster than their competitors.

Constructing these strategies requires a powerful, streamlined data pipeline and analytics apparatus. To empower enterprises to become digital champions, our experts have created the Trianz Analytics on Cloud Ecosystem for Azure, the industry’s first fully comprehensive solution approach that expedites analytics implementation on the Azure cloud.

Monetize Your Azure Implementations Quickly

Trianz’s analytics can enable organizations of any size and industry to leverage cloud analytics processing, streamline business intelligence (BI) processes and visualize insights using more integrated, accessible data.

The Trianz approach uses proven strategies of digital champions to put your enterprise on the same transformational path.

Our offering combines methodology, technology, and people. The Trianz methodology focuses on business-driven data transformation to deliver rapid, repeatable bursts of success using agile and DataOps delivery frameworks. Our experts deliver transformations with speed and accuracy by completing the implementation using this approach.

Azure cloud is readily integrable into enterprises already using the Microsoft suite of applications. It has a range of data warehousing services(e.g., Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure SQL Database, Data Factory, and Cosmos DB), which can be used to process and present data to solve your unique business needs.


Graphic defining Trianz’ approach, with methodology, people, and technology

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Adopting Azure has many advantages:

  • Virtually limitless data storage

  • Access to data lakes

  • Highly customizable data security

  • An ever-expanding product suite of tools to help manage cloud data

Combined with Trianz’s own proprietary assets and tools, the analytics program can help expedite go-to-market with reduced risk. To deliver our end-to-end service, we rely on our thriving practice of Azure experts, who have decades of combined experience executing large-scale transformations of unstructured data using cloud-based analytics.

Trianz Assets, Tools, and Services

Trianz integrates the following components to deliver our end-to-end Azure analytics on cloud service:

Table showing end-to-end solution for Azure Analytics and Cloud

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AWS Analytics Services

Azure Analytics Services

Microsoft offers a range of platform-native services for Azure analytics, including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, HDInsight, Data Factory, and Machine Learning.

Trianz Accelerators

Trianz Accelerators

Pre-built Trianz accelerators supplement existing Azure services to increase the velocity and consistency of cloud migration activities. Tools like Trianz EVOVE (powered by CompilerWorks) help us expedite highly complex migration tasks by automating code syntax and/or data conversion to the cloud. This tool-based approach reduces cost and risk while maximizing return on investment (ROI) during implementation.

Custom IP

Custom IP

Our clients benefit from our industry-leading proprietary deployment frameworks. This includes custom in-house BI configurations and predictive or prescriptive analytics frameworks—offering a distinct competitive advantage for the data-driven enterprise of the future.

Strategy and Business Processes

Strategy and Business Processes

Trianz Analytics framework enables digital transformations through effective strategies and excellence in execution. Our experts use a data-driven approach to deliver tailored solutions for your business needs rather than merely focusing on the technology itself. We place special emphasis on what defines digital champions: unwavering focus and attention on improving the digital customer experience (CX). This attribute drives customer loyalty and retention, which can spur long-term revenue growth.

Chart showing Azure analytics services included in Trianz’ solution

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This combination of tools and strategy has impactful and transformative effects on your business, including reduced cycle times and costs, lower risk deployments, accelerated ROI, and higher revenue productivity.

Trianz: On-Track for Digital Leadership

Trianz manages and measures your organization’s transformation, emphasizing key performance indicators (KPIs) that define each stage of digital success. This close monitoring paves the way for a smooth analytics transformation, putting your enterprise on track for digital leadership.

As shown in the graphic below, the Trianz Analytics Platform consists of three main tracks:

Strategic Assessment Track

Strategic Assessment Track

  • Provide benchmarking to assess your current state of IT maturity

  • Align the solution with your organization’s strategic principles

  • Determine any required analytics functionality and new data and analytics architecture

  • Develop new KPIs an implementation roadmap

Cloud Deployment Track

Cloud Deployment Track

  • Migrate data from on-premise locations to the cloud

  • Deploy Azure cloud assets in any configuration based on business requirements implementing cloud-native enterprise data lakes and/or data warehouses

  • All enabled through the use of Trianz accelerators that reduce implementation time, cost, and risk

Analytics on Cloud Deployment Track

Analytics on Cloud Deployment Track

  • Deployment of your new analytics on cloud solution

  • Deploy any Azure Analytics or custom analytics assets as defined in the approved roadmap, with close monitoring during and after deployment to guarantee availability and stability

Trianz Analytics on Cloud Ecosystem Track

Chart with the three tracks of Trianz for Azure analytics on cloud

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Your Azure Cloud Analytics Transformation with Trianz

Trianz enables enterprise success through our combination of strategy, processes, analytics, and technology. By working with our experts, your enterprise can maximize the value you gain from the cloud with greater flexibility and agility, lower costs, increased customer loyalty, and a data-driven competitive edge.

Start your cloud analytics transformation and join the ranks of digital champions by getting in touch with our experts today.

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