Businesses are increasingly leveraging big data analytics to increase both the quantity and quality of business insights. Legacy analytics workflows have traditionally been manual tasks, requiring significant human resources (HR) to scan through and identify correlations in data. The process is time-consuming, expensive and inefficient, leaving many companies wondering whether the investment is worth it.

With the advent of the cloud, there is an evolution in data analytics software and platforms. Now, companies can leverage automated analytics functionality on modern platforms, minimizing the need for human input. This is beneficial, as it drives down HR costs and increases the validity of insights by mitigating the risk of human error. Analytics platforms allow you to create a leaner enterprise while increasing the quantity and quality of insight generation across the business.

Trianz experts were at the forefront of the cloud revolution and have been simplifying digital evolutions for our clients for several years. Our dedicated data analytics team can develop and implement an industry-leading analytics automation platform on Microsoft Azure, so you can start generating better business insights. This is backed by our Cloud Services Provider (CSP) status on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Azure analytics platform automation and TCO calculation benefits

Microsoft Azure is an excellent cloud hosting platform for automated data analytics workloads. The platform boasts low-cost data storage and numerous serverless solutions to minimize the IT operations management (ITOM) burden on your IT department.

Automated analytics on Microsoft Azure will offer many benefits to your business:

  • Real-time analysis and insight - Unlike legacy analytics, Microsoft Azure allows enterprises to perform data analytics in real-time, providing a constant stream of quality insight. One option is the open-sourced Azure HDInsight platform, which offers cost-effective analytics for businesses. Ingestion of data to this platform is done through Azure Data Factory, which automates the extract, transform, load (ETL) process during data migration.

  • Eliminate CapEx, reduce OpEx - Legacy infrastructure deployments are becoming increasingly uncompetitive versus the cloud, due to capital expenditure (CapEx) on hardware, operating system (OS) licenses and software licenses. By moving your analytics platform to Azure, you can move to an operating expenditure (OpEx) spending model, improving cash flow for your business. Since Azure HDInsight leverages elastic scaling functionality on Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Blob Storage, this will further reduce your OpEx by minimizing overspend on resources.

  • Total cost of ownership – When moving to a new platform, it can be challenging to determine whether you will get better value for money after migration. That may prevent your analytics platform on Azure from coming to fruition due to stakeholder concerns over the predicted return on investment (ROI) of a project.

    Trianz has developed its own proprietary total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator. By entering details on your existing database and analytics tools, we can determine the cost-savings you may make by moving to automated analytics on Azure.

Azure analytics automation and TCO services with Trianz

Trianz is an industry-leading automated data analytics assessment and implementation provider that has helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients to leverage the immense benefits of automated analytics on Azure. Our global expert team of 500+ analytics consultants has the expertise and know-how to design and implement best-in-class data analytics automation solutions on Microsoft Azure.

We offer a range of data analytics and automation services, including:

  • TCO calculation - Your IT department knows that your existing analytics platform is holding your business back. And, key stakeholders are unwilling to greenlight a digital transformation as they cannot be certain of the overall costs of the project.

    With our TCO calculation tool for Azure, we can help you determine the total cost of ownership in the cloud before your project commences. This will reassure the key stakeholders and improve the chances of the project being authorized.

  • Business intelligence – Data analytics is generally used to generate business intelligence (BI) - the actionable insight that a business can use to direct its operating strategy and identify shortcomings in your operations. These insights will help you cultivate a lean business model, built around collaboration and insight sharing.

    Many services on Azure leverage the Azure HDInsight platform to generate BI. For example, HDInsight will ingest data from the Azure Data Lake platform, a large-scale data storage solution designed for analytics workloads. Azure HDInsight supports U-SQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark and Azure Data Lake as well as permits the storage of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data types. This represents comprehensive support across a range of analytics and data storage technologies on Azure, making it the ideal platform for your company.

  • Machine Learning BI - The business intelligence services on Azure can leverage machine learning (ML) technology to automate data analytics. These ML-based solutions can also provide visualized insights to lower the barrier of entry to knowledge across your enterprise.

    Microsoft Azure offers automated machine learning for business intelligence on Azure HDInsight, with a good example being Apache Spark through MMLSpark and MLlib. These machine learning libraries are useful for many machine learning tasks, with notable mentions including modeling, clustering, regression and hypothesis testing.

Azure Analytics Automation with Trianz

The human brain can only accomplish so much when it comes to data analytics. Thankfully, automated analytics that leverage machine learning on Azure can overcome this problem. These solutions will expedite the insight generation process and improve the validity of your insights, both of which will benefit your business.

Analytics has enormous potential for companies looking to improve their operating efficiency. Get ahead of the competition by leveraging deeper business insights on Azure with Trianz.

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