Cost-Effective Elastic Mobile Transactions Processing with Higher Transactions per Minute

A payment processing network operator supporting more than 725 million credit and debit card transactions globally, needed a partner to host, monitor and enhance their large Payment Gateway application which was critical to the client’s overall market penetration strategy.

Business Challenge

Legacy hardware was often causing business disruption, resulting in revenue loss and poor brand recognition. Competitors were gaining an upper hand on the client.


  • Azure IaaS implementation of the entire payment gateway

  • Hybrid Cloud setup between on-prem data center and Azure

  • Azure DevOps, Storage, Reserved Instances, Networking using market place solutions

  • 24/7, end-to-end support and maintenance using internal IP

Transformational Effects

  • Started supporting more transactions per minute compared to on-prem implementation

  • Overall cost reduction by leveraging cloud elasticity and use of reserved instances

  • More revenue generation and satisfied customers

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