P&C Insurance Legal Platform

The client is a major P&C Insurance company with operations across 18 countries in 900 locations. Trianz helped the company with an analytics platform on Azure, leveraging the native Azure services to achieve similar functionality after replacing many external ETL and BI tools on-prem.

Trianz achieved complete ownership of a cost-effective data platform for a non-revenue generating business unit, Data Centralization as there are multiple versions of redundant data across platforms.

Business Challenge

To Transition to a data platform on Azure for a major P&C Insurance company - Technology Strategy & Implementation

Technology Stack

Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL DW, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Analytics


Roadmap Phase: Approach

  • Analyzed current business and IT pain points to prioritize needs

  • Data centralization

  • Complete ownership of the platform, limited scalability and tuning of current platform without major hardware upgrades

Implementation Phase:Solution Design and Implementation

  • Move the data from on-prem using ADF V2 to Azure Data Lake Store and perform the ETL operations using Azure Data Lake Analytics.

  • Using U-SQL to perform the data orchestration, leveraging the ADF V2 and load to SQL DW. Replace Teradata and Informatica.

  • Rewrite the canned reports using Power BI and replace Cognos.

  • Provided data scientists with the capability of leveraging the Azure Databricks service to perform advanced analytics and ad-hoc querying.

  • Leverage MS VSTS to create a CI/CD pipeline to achieve end-end automated build and deployment process.

  • Use Azure Monitoring service to monitor the service and infrastructure health and availability.

  • Automated QA with Trianz Data Vision+ to validate data on-prem vs. Data Lake Store on Azure.

Readiness and Adoption

  • Built prototypes and PoCs to validate the end state and the intended value promise.

  • Manage the organizational change effectively.

Transformational Effects

  • Data Lake with Azure Analytics approach was unique and instrumental in engaging business upfront and throughout the solution.
  • Full ownership of the environment with complete set of data centralized in Data Lake Store.
  • Replaced Teradata, Informatica etc., with native Azure services
  • Robust environment scalability with better performance results.
  • End-to-end automated deployment process leveraging DevOps increased the frequency of the data availability to the business.
  • Advanced analytics and data science capabilities with Azure Databricks.

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