Evove Seamlessly migrate code to the cloud
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Real-time migration of existing data architecture. Confidently move from one legacy platform to another, reduce risks and save money, and invest in your future.

The most common hurdles of a data migration:

  • Underestimating the scope of conversion

  • Poor integration

  • Error prone results

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What Will Trianz EVOVE Do For You?

  • Save weeks and potentially months of wasteful manual migration approach

  • Save money you would have invested in the manual approach

  • Remove ambiguity and clearly define migration scope

  • Provide best in class conversion, test, validation & optimization data architecture methodology

  • Deploy a repeatable & predictable phased approach that will make each phase simple to follow

  • Automate 60% of the architecture migration effort

  • Clearly guide the process to avoid common pitfalls that lead to expensive and time-consuming ad hoc solutions

  • Set a president through automation & domain expertise to avoid mind-numbing error prone work

  • Optimize the code architecture for your new platform


A typical manual approach is used to convert, test, and validate the existing data architecture. This approach is time consuming, expensive, and is full of tedious work that distracts from higher value projects your engineers need to focus on to keep your business running at optimal levels. That becomes an added pain when the goal of migrating to a new platform, from the beginning, was to avoid pain and gain business value.

The manual approach is very expensive for reasons you can easily calculate, it is easy to forget that this approach is also very expensive due to the unknown opportunity costs and unforeseen risks. These are very difficult to plan for and can seriously escalate the costs.

Our expertise with Evove and the best in class Trianz methodology that is used to convert the existing data architecture quickly and reliably and reducing migration risks and cost. Business domain logic is converted automatically. Evove gives you freedom to scale.

We execute Evove projects in three sequential phases: Assessment, Migration, and Validation.



The Assessment phase establishes the objective and scope of the migration, as well as acceptance criteria and definition of done. The database structure, ETL jobs, and stored procedures are analyzed so that detailed requirements can be created for the tasks necessary to complete the migration and validation. A program management framework is established to provide end to end administrative support for the project, including communication, risk management, and status reporting.



Next, in the Migration phase, Trianz will automatically convert ~90% of the database elements to the modern architecture using Evove. This results in faster realization of business value business, and significantly reduced costs. The remaining ~10% database elements that cannot be automatically converted will be manually addressed by Trianz consulting expertise. These remaining elements are often the most complex and custom elements of the database. Our best in class migration methodology empowers Trianz to migrate and optimize your code, ensuring a seamless transition while reducing technical debt.



Once the Migration phase is complete, the Validation phase will begin. This phase includes identifying and resolving any migration related issues in the database. The program management framework, created in the Assessment phase, plays a critical role in ensuring all requirements have been met, progress and status are clearly communicated, and acceptance criteria are satisfied. Once all remaining migration issues are addressed, the legacy system will be decommissioned, and the modern architecture will be brought online.

The Trianz Evove approach is a win for your business. The most time consuming and laborious tasks involved in the manual migration approach are significantly reduced; the process avoids both error-prone migration tasks as well as introduction of technical debt; and our approach provides tuning and optimization of the more complex elements. Save time and money – get a new and better system with Trianz Evove today.

Save Time

Evove can analyze, convert and optimize existing enterprise data platforms through proprietary software that results with a accurate, rapid, and efficient migration of your data architecture.

Save Money

By migrating data from legacy platforms to cloud platforms, you save cost on space, hardware, maintenance and resources. When you run your own data center, your servers won't be fully-utilized. Idle servers waste energy, which means that regardless of demand, a cloud service provider can charge you less for energy used than you're spending in your own data center.


Evove accommodates scalability as you grow. For each one of your current databases, Evove can convert and consolidate all of those varied SQL Statements into one system. Worried about the progression of data throughout your entire system? Evove can read your SQL server logs and show your data pipelines, over all of your databases and tools, from beginning to end in a handy GUI. Worried about a short-term time frame? Trianz can spin up migration specialists to help meet your deadlines.

With the ability to handle SQL in various systems and our deep consultation experience, Trianz can provide you a clear roadmap and help you to quickly, effectively, and efficiently help you with your digital transformation.


One of the biggest concerns of every organization is data security. With cybercrimes continuing to grow, these breaches can be devastating to an organization's bottom line and its reputation. Evove only converts SQL syntaxes, leaving your data under your control. Post migration, Trianz can help you maintain an eye on your data pipeline and any other tool that queries your databases so that you can:

  1. Monitor user queries to ensure that no access meets your expectations and monitors for non-approved access requests

  2. Monitor access to key PII or other important fields

  3. Provide regular reports to your security team on who and when people are accessing the system

Remote Availability

The automated and remote possibilities of Evove are especially prevalent in the time that we find ourselves in. With more and more remote work happening, Evove automates the parts of the migration that require brute effort and help you and your team to focus growing your business. From dedicated team members to a hybrid team approach, with 24/7 support, Trianz Evove is designed to:

  1. Reduce the risks of stressed out or isolated employees making critical mistakes by completing the repetitive and high volume of detail focused tasks

  2. Provide reporting and QA checks along the way to ensure that critical steps happen and produce the desired outcomes

  3. Identify key dependencies early in the process so that teams can focus on what makes your business run

Use Trianz Evove to migrate your Infrastructure

Trianz Evove is a tool and proprietary methodology which utilizes high levels of automation and reusable components to drive accelerated and high-accuracy migrations of a legacy data platforms to a modern architecture.

Moving from a legacy data platform to a modern architecture involves the complex coordination and orchestration of code and data migration, new infrastructure components, and ultimately transitioning and optimizing business logic. If you take the manual approach your effort will be costly and time consuming. You will also be vulnerable to many common pitfalls and incursion of very expensive technical debt. Trianz’s expertise in large scale data migration projects coupled with the horsepower of Evove will accelerate your work effort and reduce migration risks and costs.


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