Many enterprises are still using legacy data warehousing solutions like Netezza. While these legacy solutions were bleeding-edge back in the day, new cloud data warehousing solutions have raised the stakes. Now, cloud data warehousing is the clear winner thanks to elastically scalable storage and significantly reduced storage costs. For that reason, Trianz experts recommend migrating away from on-premises to the cloud data warehousing platform on Microsoft Azure.

By moving to the Azure cloud, your enterprise can benefit from the latest cloud technologies, including access to high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) to accommodate intense data processing workloads. With platform-native integrations on Azure, you can monitor your databases and dependent applications from a single unified management portal. This is in stark contrast to the segmented IT siloes we see on-premises, and serves to reduce complexity and increase the functionality available to you.

The Benefits of Database Migration to Azure

By moving your database to Microsoft Azure, you gain access to the latest technological advancements in the cloud. Furthermore, due to economies of scale, these new technologies cost less overall than your on-premises server deployment, making the cloud the ideal location to migrate your data warehouse.

By moving your data warehouse to the cloud, you will experience numerous benefits:

  • On-Demand Elastic Scalability – Cloud providers like Microsoft Azure have gargantuan amounts of hardware at their disposal. This is great for data warehousing, as this allows you to scale up and down depending on your storage requirements. This eliminates overspending on the resources you don’t use and mitigates the risk of experiencing performance problems with automated scaling.

  • Platform-Native Data Management Tools – When moving to the cloud, you benefit from a more complete IT package. The Azure cloud has native data governance controls like role-based access control (RBAC), helping you to limit data access to only those with authorization. Azure also provides a range of platform-native data analytics services, which integrate seamlessly with data warehousing solutions on the hosting platform.

  • Multi-Zone Replication for Disaster Recovery – Even a cloud data center is susceptible to IT problems, however rare. For that reason, multi-zone replication is a great way to guarantee the availability of your live services. The Azure cloud can replicate your database in real-time to another geographic location, and failover when needed to avoid localized disruption. This also helps you follow the 321 backup rule, by having three copies of your data in at least two separate locations, with one being located offsite (or in another data center in this case).

Migrating Your Database to Azure with Trianz

Trianz is an industry-leading database migration consulting firm that has a close working partnership with Microsoft. We currently hold a managed service provider (MSP) status and a Gold partner status on the Azure platform, a testament to the knowledge of our experts. We have already helped hundreds of our SME and Fortune 500 clients to migrate their database—with a 100% client success rate. Are you next?

We offer numerous database migration services on the Azure platform, including:

  • Relational Database Migration – The most common type of database is the relational database management system or RDBMS. Examples of legacy RDBMS could include Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or the IBM Netezza platform. By moving these databases to the cloud, you can get technical support from the vendor and avoid paying for proprietary hardware solutions like with Netezza.

    Trianz experts have executed hundreds of RDBMS migrations to Azure for our clients. To do this, we leverage Azure-native tools like the Azure Migration Center, which help us migrate databases to the Azure DB for MySQL and Azure SQL Database services. Our experts have also developed a purpose-built tool to automate extract, transform, load (ETL) functions called Evove. Our Evove software can automate ETL conversion up to 95%, with the remaining 5% of conversion being finalized by our experts. Our combination of Azure-native and proprietary tools will expedite your database migration, and help you start realizing the benefits of the Azure platform faster than our competitors.

  • NoSQL Database Migration – After RDBMS, non-relational database management systems are the second most popular database type. These databases typically use JSON or NoSQL and are particularly useful for Big Data and Internet of Things applications.

    Our experts have helped hundreds of enterprises to leverage NoSQL on the Azure platform. We can help you decide on the correct data model for your work type, taking into consideration the software development kits (SDKs) and programming languages you wish to use. Microsoft offers the Azure Cosmos DB service for NoSQL, with support for MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Gremlin databases. Our experts can execute this migration using the Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS), or with our proprietary ETL tool Evove.

  • Replication and Disaster Recovery – Legacy data warehouses are particularly susceptible to data loss or corruption. To make matters worse, tape-based storage for archiving can take days to restore your data, which results in significant and extended periods of downtime.

    By moving to the Azure cloud, you can say goodbye to tape-based backup solutions. The Azure cloud supports multi-zone replication through Geo-Zone-Redundant Storage on the Azure Storage service. All data warehousing services on Azure can leverage multi-zone replication to guarantee high-availability and resilience in the face of disasters. Additionally, you have dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR) services on Azure, which can automatically run backup processes for your data warehouse. These DR services are offered at an enterprise-scale for large businesses or through Azure Site Recovery for SMEs, making Azure suitable for any type or size of business.

Database Migrations with Azure and Trianz

Databases are incredibly important. They categorize and store the necessary data for all types of digital services. For that reason, a best-in-class data warehouse will have a positive impact on the performance and availability of your services. Trianz experts have already helped hundreds of our SME and Fortune 500 clients to migrate their databases to Azure, using platform-native tools like the Azure Database Migration Service and our proprietary Evove ETL tool.

Give your digital services the foundation they deserve. Migrate your database to Azure by getting in touch with Trianz experts today!

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