Software development has never been easy. The developers frequently run into problems as they compile and test and recompile and retest their software. Often, this process of rewriting, redeploying and continuously testing new releases slows down the software development lifecycle (SDLC). In a world where many development teams are adhering to agile methodologies, this poses a significant disadvantage for modern enterprises.

To overcome this problem, developers have started to use DevOps pipelines in the cloud. These pipelines can automate most tasks associated with the SDLC, reducing administrative overhead for the development teams through continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) - an agile software development methodology that aims to automate the SDLC and increase visibility.

Range of pipelines on Azure

DevOps pipelines are becoming more popular, with several major hosting providers offering platform-native pipeline services. One such provider is Microsoft Azure, which offers integration with leading YAML-based code repositories like GitHub and Bitbucket. Microsoft offers a wide range of DevOps and pipeline services collectively through a single service - Azure DevOps.

  • Azure Pipelines – Azure Pipelines was built to automate building, testing, and deploying software on the Azure cloud. These pipelines leverage CI/CD paradigms, and are platform-, language- and cloud-agnostic. You can connect these pipelines to GitHub or any other Git-based repository and start leveraging the power of DevOps pipelines in the cloud. Azure DevOps also includes additional community extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace, which can expand the functionality of your pipelines.

  • Azure Boards – Azure Boards offers a unified project management dashboard for the development teams. This helps developers manage development progress by increasing visibility into individual projects and by promoting individual responsibility when committing code changes. These boards comply with Scrum, the agile process framework for managing the SDLC. You can also create Kanban boards to visualize the SDLC, promoting collaboration and project visibility for development teams.

  • Azure Repos – The Azure Repos service offers unlimited hosting and support for Git repositories in Azure. You can securely connect and push code into any integrated development environment (IDE), code editing software, or your Git client of choice. These private repositories can also use Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) instead of Git to centralize code and keep developers on the same page.

  • Azure Test Plans – A big part of DevOps is testing and Azure Test Plans offers a solution. Test Plans can perform both planned and exploratory software testing to uncover hidden problems in your applications. This offers end-to-end (E2E) traceability through your software and its dependencies with a choice of business-as-usual (BAU) testing and worst-case scenario testing. In short, Azure Test Plans allows you to test the resilience of your software services and remediate problems before they start to affect your users.

  • Azure Artifacts – Azure Artifacts allows the development teams to create, host and share software packages from both, public and private sources. Supported package formats include Maven, npm, NuGet and Python. These packages can be managed through an Azure Pipeline, giving development teams easy access to automated CI/CD package management on Azure.

Leverage Trianz’s Azure expertise

Trianz is a leading DevOps consulting firm, which has helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients to implement CI/CD pipelines on Azure. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to implement industry-standard solutions like Jenkins, Docker and Ansible on the Microsoft Azure cloud. These pipelines can connect to any Git repository, with the automation functions to significantly reduce administrative overheads for your development team.

The future is automated. Schedule a consultation with us for seamless automation of your software delivery, so you and your team can focus on growing your business.

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