When storing data in a data warehouse, the top priority is data protection. Your customers have trusted you with their sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and expect it to be protected. This expectation is growing more common thanks to increased public awareness from the GDPR, CCPA and in this case, PCI-DSS.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is vital for any business that takes card payments or stores cardholder data (CHD). If a data breach were to happen, the repercussions might include the tarnishing of your reputation and hefty regulatory fines. For your customers, this would also create massive stress, knowing that their sensitive CHDs are in the hands of a malicious entity. In short, they will no longer trust you to store their information after such an event, causing you to lose their business completely.

Trianz understands how vital it is for the organizations to properly store and protect the payment card information. The PCI-DSS standard was created by a consortium of payment card industry giants (including American Express (AMEX), MasterCard and VISA, among others), who collaboratively formed the PCI Security Standards Council. Our PCI-DSS experts can help you to design a PCI-compliant infrastructure on the Azure platform—to protect your customers, your reputation and your business.

PCI-DSS compliance benefits

PCI-DSS is an international standard for payment card data protection and the associated sensitive authentication data (SAD) that works in the background to authorize and validate payments for banking institutions. This SAD data comes in the form of MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By VISA, for example, where both work to prevent payment fraud using two-factor authentication (2FA).

There are many benefits to PCI-DSS compliance on Azure, including:

  • RoC- and AoC-approved PCI-DSS compliant platform – Microsoft Azure has been certified as PCI-DSS compliant through official auditing procedures completed by a PCI-DSS qualified security assessor (QSA). This includes a full Report on Compliance (RoC) and Attestation on Compliance (AoC) from an internal engineer and authorized external QSA. This ensures that all data you store on Azure infrastructure will remain secure as long as you follow the platform’s best-practices.

  • Protect your reputation and avoid fines – News stories discussing massive data breaches are becoming increasingly common. This is because many organizations are scaling up their infrastructure and services without putting the necessary protections in place. The largest PCI-DSS data breach in recent years was with The Home Depot, where 56 million cardholder data (CHD) assets were compromised and fines of $19.5 million were imposed on the company. Read more about this breach in this story by The New York Times.

    As you can see, non-compliance can have disastrous implications for businesses. The Home Depot is a large global enterprise, meaning the impact of this breach was mitigated by the size of their business. For small and medium organizations, the negative word of mouth and short-term financial implications could sink the business entirely, making PCI-DSS compliance a vital thing to achieve and sustain for SMEs.

PCI-DSS compliant data migration to Azure with Trianz

Trianz is an industry-leading data migration assessment and execution provider that has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 clients leverage data warehousing safely on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our PCI-DSS compliant Azure data migration services are designed to maximize your return on investment (ROI) in the cloud, while simultaneously minimizing the risk to your business and customers.

We offer a range of PCI-DSS compliant data services on Azure, including:

  • PCI-DSS compliant legacy to Azure migrations – For many organizations, the on-prem infrastructure just does not cut it anymore. The limited potential for processing and storage capacity expansion makes on-prem less than ideal for data storage. Microsoft Azure eliminates these problems, offering elastic resource scaling with the backing of a PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure foundation.

    Despite the platform itself being PCI-compliant, user input is still needed to achieve PCI-DSS compliance on Azure. This can be difficult for organizations, which lack the skills and knowledge to build a compliant solution on Azure. Our experts have the expertise and can step in at any stage to simplify your digital evolution. We can develop and implement a PCI-DSS compliant solution on Azure with full migration from on-prem. This will allow you to start benefitting from cloud-native data warehousing functionality, all the while remaining compliant with stringent regulations.

  • SAQ and auditing assistance – Smaller organizations do not require auditing at the same frequency as larger ones because the latter handle more sensitive information, and so pose more of a risk to the public if a data breach should occur. There are four levels to PCI-DSS auditing requirements, scaling up with transaction volumes per annum. Smaller organizations will be required to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ), along with an Attestation of Compliance (AoC). Larger organizations are not permitted to self-assess and require either annual or quarterly system reports depending on the size of the business. This is called a Report on Compliance (RoC) and must be completed by an external QSA.

    Our experts can help you navigate this auditing requirement, preparing your enterprise for assessment by a QSA. We can also help you with SAQ forms, ensuring that you properly self-assess your compliance levels. This will help you achieve PCI-DSS compliance, protecting your business and valued customers from attackers.

Comply with PCI-DSS on Azure with Trianz

Data protection regulations are getting more stringent with time—and for a good reason. Data breaches are devastating for customers who have their sensitive information exposed to attackers. This information is widely circulated on darknet markets where $700+ million worth of transactions occurred in 2019, as explored by Chainalysis. While banks may reimburse customers, the stress of dealing with these fraudulent charges will strongly dissuade affected customers from returning to business with you.

Don’t let your loyal customers down. Protect their sensitive information with PCI-DSS compliant migration services from Trianz.

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