On-prem infrastructure is fast becoming obsolete due to the immense benefits of the cloud. Many organizations are frustrated with the limiting nature of their on-prem IT infrastructure, as they cannot scale their services easily. This can create an IT bottleneck on enterprise growth, preventing your business from reaching its full potential.

With the introduction of the cloud, organizations suddenly gained access to on-demand, elastically scalable computing resources. This prompted many organizations to break free from the shackles of their on-prem deployment and migrate to platforms like Microsoft Azure. On Azure, specifically, the platform-native scaling solution is called Azure AutoScale. This service is used across cloud, mobile, virtual machine and website hosting services on the platform, and helps enterprises to sustain high-performance and availability while simultaneously minimizing their operating costs.

Trianz’s experts will concur that scaling in the cloud is beneficial for any kind of business. The limited capacity for scaling with on-prem infrastructure has commonly caused service downtime and performance drops, disrupting your daily operations. The cloud overcomes this problem and improves uptimes and performance, all the while minimizing your costs through the OpEx model. For that reason, our experts believe the Azure cloud is an ideal platform for our clients to host their services.

Azure scaling benefits

Enterprise applications rarely steadily utilize system resources. For that reason, scaling on Azure is the ideal solution. Azure allows you to provision resources when you need them and get rid of them when you don’t—improving performance and reducing costs.

There are many benefits to scaling with Azure, including:

  • Accommodate fluctuations in utilization - Demand for services will rise and fall throughout the day, meaning one minute you could be at full capacity and at 10% capacity the next. These fluctuations are a problem because on-prems infrastructure cannot scale. At full capacity, your applications will suffer performance drops, and at 10% capacity, you are merely wasting your hardware resources.

    By moving to the cloud, you can benefit from the scalable infrastructure. This means that when resource utilization reaches 95%, Azure will automatically work in the background to provision more resources for your enterprise workloads. This is good for services that experience bursts of demand, preventing performance drops and eliminating capital expenditure (CapEx) waste on hardware purchasing.

  • Reduced costs - By moving to the Azure cloud, you can start paying for the resources you use without the upfront CapEx investment in hardware acquisition. Microsoft buys the hardware and leases access to you through the Azure cloud platform, meaning you experience no depreciation in the value of the hardware you use.

    Much like renting a house means you are not liable for structural repairs to the property, renting server resources means you don’t need to worry about managing the hardware. You simply set a resource limit and sit back while Azure automatically provisions the right amount of processing capacity for you. The result is an immense cost saving versus on-prem.

Scaling on Azure with Trianz and Azure AutoScale

Trianz is an industry-leading cloud scaling solution implementation and execution provider that has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 clients to leverage scaling functionality on Azure. We have a close partnership with Microsoft and have become Azure Gold Partner in addition to earning the trusted Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner status. Our experience and partnership with Microsoft prove our ability to deliver industry-leading solutions on the Azure platform, including Managed Services, SQL Migrations, and many more.

We offer a range of scaling solutions on Azure, including:

  • Enterprise application scaling assessments – Our experience in migrating and re-platforming enterprise applications allows our experts to confidently assess your workloads. In our assessments, we make every effort to ensure best-practices are enabled to allow for scaling, high-availability, security and operational excellence. The result of these assessments can be a migration plan, a re-platform roadmap, and even the full migration of the application stack to a reliable and scalable architecture, in Azure.

  • Platform-native scaling with Azure AutoScale – A native part of the Azure platform is Azure AutoScale. This service operates across cloud, mobile, virtual machine and website hosting services, allowing organizations to scale up and down a wide variety of workloads. The AutoScale platform improves application responsiveness and automatically tests your services at intervals throughout the day to adjust based on demand.

    Our experts are experienced with the AutoScale platform and can help your business to start leveraging elastic scaling functionality on Azure. Even though AutoScale is mostly an automated service, you can bypass its controls at any time to accommodate niche circumstances. This flexibility is yet another reason why businesses should consider the Microsoft Azure platform in partnership with Trianz.

Azure scaling services from Trianz

On-prem infrastructure is quickly nearing obsolescence. It cannot scale like the cloud, and physically managing the hardware is an unnecessary burden for your IT department in the modern world. By moving to Azure, you can benefit from platform-native scaling with AutoScale.

The scales have tipped! Leave your on-prem deployment behind, and start scaling your operations on Azure with Trianz.

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