Upcycle your proprietary services with custom application modernization.

Sometimes the software market just does not have the right solution for your business. Luckily, it is possible to develop your own software to fulfill these niche demands. Businesses that develop their own software do get a tailored solution that caters to specialized workloads, but without any ongoing software support. After some time, this can render your custom applications incompatible with new infrastructure or expose your enterprise to attackers with unpatched vulnerabilities.

At Trianz, we recognize the importance of proprietary, custom applications. Pioneering businesses are often left wanting with the existing software market and hence choose to develop their own applications to bridge the gap. Without modernizing these custom applications, the upfront investment you make can quickly disappear, giving you a negative return on investment. Our experts can help you to upcycle your proprietary applications, so they remain compatible as new IT operating paradigms come and go.

Custom app modernization benefits

Custom applications are designed to fulfill niche, specialized workloads. The specialized nature of these applications also adds to the complexity of software maintenance, making modernization more difficult. Instead of looking for a new solution, why not upcycle your proprietary solution?

By modernizing your custom applications, your business will benefit from:

  • Software familiarity – When your business has been using a custom application for an extended period, it can be difficult for employees to adjust to change. They are already acclimatized to your existing software, and a new solution will only muddy the waters.

    By modernizing your custom applications, you can retain employee familiarity and hit the ground running in your new environment. This omits the need for staff training and reduces the latency between implementation and return on investment (ROI).

  • Reduced operating costs – When you look at a brand-new software solution, you can often fall victim to the halo effect. The solution is built for the cloud, highly rated and cheaper than competitors—so surely it must be a good choice?

    With custom applications, you can still develop a cloud native solution that fulfills its purpose and reduce your operating expenditure. Most ISVs charge a monthly fee for their services. You may also be paying for functionalities that you do not need, which you can be avoided with a modernized custom application.

Custom application modernization services with Trianz

Trianz is a leading custom application modernization firm that has helped hundreds of our Fortune 1000 clients to continue using their proprietary software. Sometimes, if you want a job done right, you must do it yourself. Our experts understand this and work closely with our clients to extend the lifespan of their custom applications.

We offer a range of custom application modernization services, including:

  • Application migration – When undergoing a digital transformation, your applications will need to migrate to a new platform. This process can become incredibly complex, requiring software redevelopment to make your applications compatible with your target environment.

    Our experts work across AWS, Azure and GCP, following agile DevOps methodologies during software development. We can help you navigate architectural and platform incompatibilities, so your application can start to benefit from being hosted in the cloud.

  • SOA re-engineering – Most enterprises are still using traditional server infrastructure to host their services. This means that your custom applications are not running on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), thus reducing their efficiency.

    SOA offers many benefits, including improved business agility, infrastructure longevity and easier integration with other applications. We can redevelop your custom applications to be platform-agnostic, improving the long-term viability of your proprietary solution.

  • Modernized UX/UI – The main problem with older applications is the user experience. They were designed to get the job done but lack the attention to detail with the user interface (UI)/user experience (UX) that is so commonplace with new SaaS providers. This can have a negative effect on your employees, confusing them as they navigate the below-average UI and frustrate them with a negative UX.

We understand how important the ergonomics of software is for productivity. Our experts can help you redevelop your software to offer a better user experience. This is accomplished by following UI/UX design paradigms, such as adopting a user-focused view during UX development and leveraging UI design patterns to improve the readability and usability. By modernizing the UI/UX of your application, your employees will be more productive, helping your business grow.

Modernize your custom applications with Trianz

We are a leading custom application modernization provider, who has helped hundreds of our clients to retain the use of their aging custom applications. When the software market lacks an optimal solution for your business, proprietary software bridges the gap. Our experts can work with you to redevelop, manage and integrate your custom applications into your new heterogeneous infrastructure environment.

Get in touch with our experts and start upcycling your existing custom applications today!

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