Upgrade Legacy Systems to Prepare for Transformation

Regardless of what stage you are in your digitalization journey, the key to thriving is to work towards your enterprise’s complete digital transformation – of which application modernization is a crucial component.

To reach the desired end state when upgrading your legacy applications, it’s imperative to develop a strategic ‘App Modernization’ roadmap that aligns with your business goals and helps you achieve the best end-user experience.

Our Approach to Building Your Roadmap

As part of Trianz’ Transformative Application Management (TAM) services, we tailor your application modernization planning to your specific business or organizational needs. To customize a roadmap for your organization, we first holistically assess the degree of legacy technology your enterprise depends on, how well your current business needs are met, and the total cost of ownership.

After the assessment phase, we work with you to develop a strategy unique to your business needs – one that will form the foundation of your roadmap. In addition, the roadmap will reflect your organization’s pain points from a business and technical perspective compared to innovations available in the market.

It will also incorporate a clearly articulated vision of your desired end state, including projected investments and business impact. Moreover, it will include how experiences, architectures, and features, such as security and application monitoring are going to be implemented. In addition, it will include a plan for agile execution with global teams providing clear program governance and management visibility.

Application Modernization Steps

Graphic showing the steps Trianz takes when working with clients on application modernization

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Incremental Transformation

We can help you take a phased approach towards modernization without significant capital investment by using automation and best-in-class processes.

By leveraging TAM, we can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency while concurrently identifying root causes and assessing how to apply transformative capabilities along with an execution roadmap. Key elements include a data-driven approach, user support experience, management visibility, and faster responses because of increased automation.

Trianz’ Transformative Applications Model

Graphic showing the components of Trianz’ Transformative Applications Model

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Benefits of TAM

By leveraging our TAM model, your organization can realize the following advantages:

New processes

New processes that use automation to deliver greater speed, throughput, and reduced reliance on human intervention.

Proactive and preventive

Proactive and preventive measures to “fix once, follow everywhere” continuously, reducing support incidents and operational cost, increasing application availability, and enhancing the end-user experience.

Proactive and preventive

Collapse of processes and removal of tech debt while preserving business IP, leading to a reduction in the number of applications managed.

Proactive and preventive

An overall TCO reduction that allows you to invest in new initiatives.

Proactive and preventive

New UX/UI wherever possible, resulting in enhanced user productivity, velocity, and satisfaction.

Take Your Apps to the Next Level

To execute on your application modernization roadmap, we tap the expertise of our Digital Studio team, which consists of highly experienced design thinking professionals well-versed in all aspects of customer experience. Key capabilities of our studio include design thinking to drive innovation, stakeholder journey mapping, and persona research to establish an accurate understanding of user needs.

We also leverage best practices and agile methodologies to enhance the maturity of your enterprise standard. Areas that we focus on include DevOps to unify IT teams, program management tools to accurately track and manage execution-enabling, delivery-based models, and increased speed to learn quickly and reduce risk.

Expertise to Get You There

We bring many strategies, capabilities, and approaches to transform applications and application management at scale. These include reviewing application architectures, AIOps, incident analyses, refactoring and migrating applications to the cloud, renegotiating your software licensing costs, and new engineering models, such as CICD and SecDevOps, automated support.

Our team understands that legacy is most pronounced in application architectures and considers that. We will tap into our knowledge of microservices to reduce redundancy and minimize the cost of ownership; cloud architectures to leverage innovations outside your enterprise; and current technology vendor platforms to forestall end-of-life and minimize risk.

In addition, we will work with you to make sure that business sponsors, IT, and management are aligned – and that outsourcing, global delivery, and core vs. context analysis are openly considered.

Expertise to Get You There

It All Starts with the Roadmap

Undertaking application modernization is a big step toward leveraging new digital technologies that create better experiences for customers – and it’s a leap toward achieving digital transformation. Although the entire transformation journey may seem daunting, the right application modernization roadmap can provide you with a powerful start and help you move your business forward.

Experience the Trianz Difference

Trianz enables digital transformations through effective strategies and excellence in execution. Powered by knowledge, research, perspectives, and expertise, we enable clients to transform their business ecosystems and achieve superior performance by leveraging infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital, and security paradigms.

Trianz is a leading application modernization provider which has helped multiple clients transform their aging custom applications. Our experts can work with you to redevelop, manage, and integrate your applications into your new heterogeneous infrastructure environments. Reach out to learn more.


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