Client Overview

An independent supply chain management and distribution arm of a large QSR leader, has a clear business objective of transitioning from a single brand focused supply chain management company to a software platform organization, by launching a SaaS platform. Client is looking to capitalize on their rich and current experience and expertise in the supply chain operations in the QSR industry. Initially build for specific geographic clients’ needs and then scaled to a flexible, scalable, subscription-based model. Client joins the hands with Trianz to build a next-gen responsive web, mobile, and tablet analytics application that offers great experience and becomes a one-stop shop in a single view.


Client is looking to upgrade the powerful Analytics platform from legacy .NET framework to a best-in-class modernized SaaS Platform, encompassing the following:

  • A modern SaaS product experience based on latest trends that customers buy and pay for
  • Assist and guide the overall transition to becoming a SaaS platform including strong customer focus
  • An MVP focused on different regions while considering the needs of new potential customers


It requires a broad set of capabilities to develop a robust and comprehensive SaaS platform.  Keeping this in focus, Trianz laid out the Product vision.


  • A SaaS product that supports the needs of many distinct brands 
  • A customer experience that is well aligned with current and future customers expectations
  • Build a SaaS product that will evolve from today’s product in phases which minimal initial costs
  • Building greenfield vs leveraging existing capabilities
  • A flexible and scalable architecture that can support a growing customer base

Trianz conducted an initial assessment to document the SaaS based architecture and roadmap. Created and initial MVP with scope based on regions but on a new platform with improved customer experience.

Trianz created a configurable platform that allows the seamless onboarding of new customers combined with speed to launch and organizational agility.

Build the right technology architecture that can support flexible attributes in a database for customer customization, connect to any systems, providing security, availability, and reliability. The platform architecture focused on multi-tenancy, configurability and facilitate iterative improvements.

To achieve the highest modularity and rapid evolution- Platform application architecture hinges on 3 key areas- Modular Services, Micro Apps and Deployment Strategy.

Core to the Platform is the platform value proposition of a multi-tenant analytics capability that bring data from multiple data sources together and a consumption model built on a commercial construct. Tenant data security and configurability are core to the overall business use case.

Trianz delivered end state platform architecture focused on deploying a secure and scalable SaaS infrastructure that provides tenant isolation for data at rest.

The MVP scope delivered the much-needed foundational capabilities required to deliver the product vision.


  • Angular, OAuth 2 – ConnectID,HTML 5, SCSS
  • C# - .NET CORE
  • AWS Cognito, AWS EKS, AWS SQS
  • PostgreSQL


  • A modern SaaS product user experience that optimizes customer retention and recurring revenue
  • The application serves intuitive User Experience with improved usability to perform tasks
  • The platform operates with 99.95% uptime with zero technology debt (.Net Core X) and consolidated technologies (PostgreSQL)
  • The developer operations for the application are benefitted by reduced cycle time and improved time to market for new features

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