Expedite remote workplace security implementation

COVID-19 has limited our capacity to work in the office, and operations have been severely disrupted. While the remote workplace is part of the new normal, many companies haven’t fully implemented secured remote access solutions that are fully secure.

Trianz understands the acute negative effects this pandemic has had on enterprises. While enterprises have been forced to work remotely, their IT landscape remains unsecured in most cases. That is why we developed our digital workplace solutions, to expedite the process of securing your data, IP, and business secrets, and methodically bolster your operational resilience despite COVID-19.

Our goal is to create certainty out of chaos and mitigate any risks to your workforce, assets and operations. By tackling these immediate short-term problems with durable solutions, you can prompt a cultural and operational shift to secure remote working for the long run.

Remote Workplace Security Implementation

Digitalizing IT infrastructure is all about collaborating with other organizations who can help you create a digitally enabled business that is more efficient, engaging, and ultimately more profitable.

We understand the secure workplace best practices of industry leaders:

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformations across the world. With data from over 700 infrastructure and security organizations, we understand what the most successful companies do to secure their workplaces.

By a margin of nearly 2:1, Industry leaders invest in specific areas to secure their workplaces from their endpoints inward to their core infrastructure.

How Industry Leaders Secure their Workplaces

Secure Workplaces Report

Source: Trasers Global Digital Transformation & COVID Surveys

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Comprehensive remote workplace security from Trianz

Trianz offers a variety of scalable services to help you put your digital workplace plan into action. We cover every possible scenario for remote working, with services such as:

Workspace Solution

Virtual Workspace Solutions

By building and operating corporate-wide virtual desktops via Citrix/VMWare virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platforms, you can allow users to connect remotely and securely to virtual workspaces. These will continue to be managed by your IT department, offering each user a safe and standardized desktop experience on par with their regular office environment.

Secure Enterprise

Effective & Secure Enterprise Collaboration

We deploy tools such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 for Business, Zoom, and Slack. These tools bridge the physical distance of remote working to offer effective communication and collaboration between coworkers. This includes seamless and secure document sharing, presentations, video conferencing, and instant messaging to streamline employee communication.

Remote Connectivity

Secure Remote Connectivity Management

Our experts use encrypted and tunneled VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions like the Sophos XG Firewall, Palo Alto GlobalProtect, ZScaler Private Access to secure your remote connections. This ensures that sensitive traffic between remote users and your internal systems is secured using end-to-end encryption (E2EE). These services use the latest cryptographic and authentication standards, ensuring the security of data-in-transit.

Endpoint Security

Hardened Endpoint Security Solutions

With remote workers often using their own personal devices for work, tailored endpoint security is a must. To maintain the sanctity of corporate data, we offer solutions that enforce security policies on end-user devices to avoid the leak or loss of important, sensitive corporate or client data. These are applied using administrator policy on Android and iOS devices, and via group policy and domain controls on Windows. For macOS, we use Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Application Patching

Timely OS and Application Patching Services

Airtight security requires the rapid and large-scale patching of remote applications and devices, as well as prompt removal of EOL (End-of-Life) software from endpoints. With strict policy enforcement on endpoint devices, your corporate data both in-transit and at-rest will be protected by frequent rollouts of security patches.

Virtual Workplace

Self-Service for the Virtual Workplace

Your IT department is typically located in the office, but with people working from home this support channel is limited. By implementing self-service portals containing technical documentation, you can provide system and application guidance to employees to supplement your busy IT helpdesk.

Security Tracking

Effectiveness and Security Tracking of Remote Workforce

It is naturally more difficult to keep track of remote employees. To address this, we offer reporting on users and usage patterns to ensure employees are meeting expectations. We can track log-in and log-off metrics to ensure work attendance, as well as application-specific uptimes per user session to help maintain productivity away from the office setting.

Our remote workplace security services offer a one-stop-shop for enterprises migrating to remote working. While short-term disruption is inevitable, our digital workplace solutions can help you expedite the transition period and get back to a state of high productivity in the new normal.

Remote Workplace Security Services

Effectively manage your remote workplace with Trianz technology experience

Trianz has a wealth of experience implementing leading offsite workplace tools and platforms. We help our clients overcome remote challenges such as:


Cybersecurity Implementation

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Adherence

Employee Upskilling

Employee Upskilling and Training

Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration

Mitigating Network

Mitigating Network Connectivity Disruption

We also have close partnerships with leading cloud platforms and technology providers, ensuring you get a tailored and best-in-class solution for your specific business needs.

Our end to end capabilities will help you quickly deploy secure workplaces

We help companies from mid-sized enterprises to the Fortune 100, in all phases of infrastructure management.

Secure Workplace


Assess, prioritize, architect, and prioritize evolution to a secure workplace.



Implement a best-of-breed technology stack and train your teams in operations.

Managed Services

Secure Workplace Managed Services

Monitor and optimize your remote workplace with Trianz managed services.


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Why choose Trianz for securing your workplace?

With Trianz operating remotely due to the pandemic, the digital workplace is familiar territory. Trianz will keep your digital evolution simplified by leveraging a combination of effective strategy and our trademark excellence in execution. Our attention to detail extends to the meticulous care we take throughout, while minimizing disruption. This is why numerous Fortune 100 companies trust us.

Call us for a free consultation, and navigate through uncertainty to implement a secure, productive remote workplace for your teams.

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