Secure the influx of Mobile Devices entering the workplace

In August 2016 Navin Shenoy, corporate VP and general manager for the client computing group (CCG) at Intel said “the average household has ten connected devices. This will explode to 50 by 2020.” This situation will evolve the household network into the equivalent of a Small & Medium size business network – with all the vulnerabilities of an unmanaged IT environment.

A Gallup survey released in February of 2016 suggested 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. That means corporations must consider not only the types of assets employees would typically utilize in a work day, but many other devices that aren’t quite as obvious and share the same network connection.

For example, are you considering the potential data exposure, network eavesdropping, and malware infections which maybe present on an untrusted network? Perhaps a network connected refrigerator, infiltrated by cybercriminals or just lacking basic security controls could accidently or deliberately capture, store and share data across other cloud based technical devices. Your SMART TV, Alexa or Siri could accidently pickup sensitive conversations.

This IoT complexity is quickly stretching beyond what most corporate security departments are prepared to handle and it is becoming more critical than ever to have a very strategic endpoint management plan in place.  A plan that looks across the silos of technology and explores security both corporate data and customer data from millions of potential and threatening entry points. 

Clearly, the corporate IT department can’t be expected to manage all their employee’s home networks to facilitate remote workers? That would add unimaginable cost and complexity.

As the threat landscape expands due to mobility, so does the set of resources needed to secure those corporate entry points.

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While it may seem daunting to manage the complexity and reduce costs which impact the organization’s bottom line, it is possible.  It all starts with a strong strategy that gives you a birds-eye view of the unique business IT estate, addresses the silos of technology, and delivers automated real-time patch management to mitigate treats, maintain system integrity and ultimately ensure confidentiality. Delivering this capability maintains compliance and secures the enterprise.

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