Accelerate Digital Transformation with Azure Cloud

Capturing the attention of the modern and savvy consumer is a tall order for upstarts and incumbents. Prospects approach sellers with lofty expectations. They know what they want and expect high-value encounters. And they seek a personalized approach, tailored to their needs.

And in the age of Millennials, loyalty has diminished. Thus, attracting them early with a strong buyer experience is a fast path to growth. Each digital encounter must be creative and authentic, as well as user centric. Else, the next interaction may lie with a digital savvy competitor.

Complicating this endeavor is the increase in channels – physical web, mobile, and social. A multi-pronged sales approach requires consistency and sophistication. Interactions, regardless of location, must build an experience that hits their emotions.

To win in this game, companies must transform their organization. Not just product or service. And Sales or support. Rather, leaders in every department and in every location, must mobilize their teams, and drive broad digital change.

Complete Digital Transformation

To maintain growth and stave off competition, every team needs to consider what’s possible, and decide what’s achievable.  Let’s look at some ideas for each group.

Product digitization - Not just about product improvement, this change includes business strategy and systems architecture. Increasingly it adds sensors or Wi-Fi to existing solutions which builds volumes of data to analyze and act. And requires a new group of data scientists to compliment existing teams.

Service digitization - Poor service in social and viral environments can be the difference between delight, defection and brand reputation. Buyers want meaningful solutions not temporary workarounds. Thus, sellers must address issues before they explode. Using collaboration solutions, connect customer agents with back office teams. And make service delivery everyone’s priority.

Marketing digitization – In this cluttered environment, marketers must increase personalization and precision, and deliver the right content at each stage of the buyer journey. They must transform their operations and build technology roadmaps that integrate new solutions and analytics. Align talent with tasks, and mix discipline with design.

Sales digitization – Buyers are deep into discovery when they contact a seller. And at arrival, sales teams don’t know who they are or what they prefer. Yet, process automation and predictive analytics can deduce profiles and preferences, and guide buyers through sales cycles with less intervention. Algorithms and chatbots help present suitable offerings. And automated approvals close deals faster.

Trianz & Azure – Enabling Transformation

Orchestrating this digitization of product and support as well as marketing and sales is a complex task. Yet, it can be achieved through cloud technologies and workload migration.

With the most data center regions worldwide, consistency across hybrid offerings, and broad AI functionality, Microsoft Azure is a market leading cloud platform to achieve this digital transformation.

Azure has more than 100 services, end-to-end tools, and marketplace solutions to improve process and automation. And its big data innovation including cognitive APIs and machine learning help drive strong business advantage.

In its partnership with Microsoft, Trianz helps business leaders leverage Azure to transform operations. With established templates and tools, Azure certified consultants discover and assess client scenarios, and recommend execution plans for a successful transformation.

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