Unlock the Value in Unstructured Data

The good news is that organizations these days are storing a lot of data from connected devices, apps, transactions, and other sources – video, audio, text, and images.

The bad news is that most of this data is probably sitting untouched in multiple siloed repositories, significantly limiting business’ ability to make data-based decisions. With little or no view into key insights like market trends, customer needs/behavior, business operations, and risks, they are at a competitive disadvantage against competitors who have upped their data game.

Big data solutions help you overcome these limitations, bringing cutting edge capabilities within reach to build new competitive advantages and innovations.

As one of the leading data and analytics consulting firms, Trianz specializes helping companies turn data into decisions by identifying hidden patterns, new correlations and uncovering market trends.

Unlock the Value in Unstructured Data

How We Work to Bring Big Data to You

We have an eight-step process extending across five phases to extract real-time insights from the raw information – that flows through organizations every day.


How We Work to Bring Big Data to You

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Big Data Analytics Process

Big Data Analytics Process

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Our big data analytics consulting experts and data scientists use proven frameworks, technologies, tools, and processes to transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise.

From Discovery to Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Reduced productivity due to a lack of automation

Assessment and roadmap in big data strategy development

Unplanned service outages

Design and execute proofs of concept (POCs) with Big Data Analytics labs

Delayed fulfillment time

Support product evaluation and decision making

An overall poor customer experience

Production and management of pilots

Master the ‘Three Vs’ for the Full Value of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety

  • System design by Big Data architects

  • Installation and configuration of Cloudera, Hortonworks, and other Hadoop distributions

  • Data processing using Hive, Sqoop, Pig, and Spark

  • Development using Java, Python, and Scala

  • Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud environments

  • NoSQL processing with MongoDB, HBase

  • Relational analysis with Redshift, Vertica, Teradata

  • Analytics with Spark, R, Python

  • Visualization and analysis with Tableau, Datameer, Qlikview, and others

Full Value of Big Data

Our Big Data Capabilities

Our deep industry expertise allows us to help our clients operate with new agility across all their business functions. Our services can be categorized as follows:

Business Services

Business Services

  • Strategy roadmap with business case development

  • Use case POV

  • Use cases for advanced analytics

  • Data science

  • Advanced analytics and data science

Architectural Services

Architectural Services

  • Technology evaluation and selection

  • Big data migrations

  • Trianz reference architecture

  • Solution architecture optimization

  • Solution architecture tuning and optimization

Business Impacts/Transformational Outcomes

When used right, big data analytics can not only foster data-driven decision making but also empower your workforce in ways that add value to your business in a very short timeframe. Some of these improvements include:

  • Better customer service in response to key customer metrics

  • New revenue opportunities that may otherwise be missed

  • More effective marketing utilizing an evidence-based approach

  • More efficient operations built on improving previous practices

  • A competitive advantage over late-to-adopt rivals

Organizations can look to pivot, refocus, and even create new business on the back of evidence captured using big data analytics. Often the intelligence uncovered from an analytical approach has been present and visible for a long time.

It occasionally takes big data expertise to highlight connections and relationships that were previously missed.

Full Value of Big Data


We collaborate with a global network of market leaders and innovators to unlock the explosive potential of data for you.

Our partnerships with leading players help us in leveraging advanced big data platforms to uncover insights that empower organizations to capture growth.

Amazon Web services
Microsoft Azure

How Trianz Can Make a Difference

At Trianz, our award-winning big data analytics consulting team specializes in extracting meaningful insights from the raw information that flows through organizations every day.

Businesses today are on the lookout for a big data analytics firm that can help them with a clear understanding of their markets for future success. This ask should be answered through a combination of relevant data sources and new technologies and tools that can manage, store, and access this data.

At Trianz, our experienced big data analytics services team and framework do just this, and more. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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