TableauLooker is a complete data platform that offers data analytics and business insights to every business unit within an organization, enabling full discovery and visibility across functional areas.  Delivering data directly into the decision-making process has never been simpler, with Looker’s ease of integration into existing applications. Over 1,600 industry-leading and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon, The Economist, IBM, Spotify, Etsy, Lyft and Kickstarter have trusted Looker to power their data-driven cultures.

Trianz partners with Looker to help enterprises leverage Looker’s simple modeling language called LookML that lets data teams define the relationships in their database so business users can explore, save, and download data without needing to know the SQL query language. The product was the first commercially available business intelligence platform built for and aimed at scalable or massively parallel relational database management systems like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, HP Vertica, Netezza, and Teradata.