Looker is a comprehensive data platform that offers data analytics and business insights for every department within your organization, enabling full discovery and visibility across functions. It offers straightforward integrations with the existing applications, so transferring data directly to facilitate your decision-making process becomes simpler than ever.

Over 1,600 industry leaders including Sony, Amazon, The Economist, IBM, Spotify, Etsy, Lyft and Kickstarter have trusted Looker to empower their cultures with data. Trianz’s partnership with Looker is based on specific reasons:

  • Looker was created to take advantage of scalable relational database management systems like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, HP Vertica, Netezza, and Teradata

  • Looker’s proprietary modeling language, LookML, enables database administrators to grant query access to their databases such that regular users can make dynamic use of the information without needing to know SQL

Relational database management systems are some of the most common database tools in use today. They are based on a relational model that brings order to information, making it possible for users to read and write uniform records and store them in a meaningful way. At Trianz, our database strategy experts can help you leverage Looker to streamline data connection within your database management system and import data seamlessly into a unified platform.

Additionally, Looker makes it possible for users to visualize and interpret data in a way that would not normally be possible except through custom SQL queries. Since most business stakeholders are not trained in SQL, LookML provides extraordinary value by simplifying how the general workforce interacts with complex data structures. While this can translate into greater insights with less effort, finding the optimal implementation for your organization demands the kind of expertise only Trianz can offer.

With assistance from our team of veteran consultants, you can integrate Looker’s revolutionary business intelligence capabilities into your existing structure. Instead of building data repositories and visualizations from scratch, you can insert Looker into your data stream and immediately start gathering useful insights. No other IT consulting agency makes it as simple to adopt Looker as Trianz does.

One of our primary goals is to introduce you to tools that will simplify your work without requiring you to compromise on the functionality. We want you to benefit from out-of-the-box solutions that still allow some room for important customization. In this sense, Looker incorporates the best of both worlds. If your priority is shortening setup time without losing features, and if you have several non-technical users who need agile access to business data, please contact one of our consultants to get started with Looker today.

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Our collaboration with Trianz has been a learning experience for us primarily in terms of accurately identifying short-term tactical wins and long-term strategic objectives. Trianz has delivered the required transformation successfully.

Director of Product Development

A Leading Provider Of Identity-Based Data Security Services

Partnering with Trianz has been very fruitful for us. The team took care of everything – from establishing a roadmap to structuring a ROI model.


Global Insurance Company

Partnering with Trianz proved to be beneficial for us in every way – right from achieving and tracking day-to-day deliverables, to complying with industry best practices.

Director, IT Operations

Payments Processing Major

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