Restaurant Brands International, Inc. (RBI)

Restaurant Brands International is one of the largest global quick-service restaurant companies, generating around $32 billion in sales annually system-wide. 27,000 restaurants in 100+ countries rely on these systems. RBI is home to iconic brands like Tim Hortons, Burger King, and Popeyes. Another franchised brand not involved in this case study is Firehouse Subs.

  • Research
  • UX
  • UI
  • Branding
  • Usability Testing

Problem Statement

  • RBI engages with franchisees using inefficient manual workflows.
  • Digital applications lack integration and extensibility, leading to franchisee dissatisfaction with RBI systems.
  • Operational Areas for Improvement: 
    Website, financial portals, and intranet communications are in dire need of digital transformation to improve the franchisee experience.
  • Perform a UX audit to improve overall effectiveness of current applications used by franchisees.
  • Assess the influence of point-solutions used by franchisees in context of challenges with RBI tool adoption and usage. Point-solutions are standalone solutions for a single use case, which is less efficient than an integrated operations platform.
  • Need to map the desired capabilities of franchisees against available system applications and perform a feature gap analysis.
  • Provide recommendations to improve negative experiences for both content authors and franchisees.

Project Solution

  • Provide recommendations to improve content authoring and franchisee experiences in the system.
  • Create concept designs for candidate applications, to clarify the future vision of the RBI system as a whole.
  • Perform a UX Audit and concept design to help RBI identify inefficient processes, operations, and technologies.
  • A strategy is needed to consolidate and reimagine IT application portfolio to improve franchisee experience and optimize operational costs.
  • Provide self-service tools for franchisees to decrease franchisee support cycle time and get the most out of a franchisee ecosystem’s potential.
  • By identifying pain points and redesigning digital touchpoints, the new launch will impact 30,000 Franchisees worldwide.
  • Franchisees want to increase ease of doing business with RBI.
  • RBI wants to help franchisees use tools more efficiently, to alleviate frustration.
  • Franchisees want reliable and transparent processes updated regularly by RBI.
  • Franchisees want a more comprehensive and faster onboarding experience.
  • Achieve quicker support turnaround times to respond to customer needs at the restaurant locations faster.
  • Create concept designs to explore what these RBI system apps could become in the future.

The Business Impact

This was a long and difficult process for RBI, its franchisees, and the Digital Studio team. Emerging on the other side, we noted the following outcomes.

  • UX auditing and concept design helped RBI to identify and upgrade inefficient processes, operations, and technologies.
  • By enabling self-service tools for users, the support cycle time was decreased helping franchisees get more value out of the ecosystem.
  • The ease of doing business with RBI for franchisees increased, thanks to the addition of suitable tools and documentation that promote efficiency.
  • A new long-term strategy to consolidate and reimagine IT application portfolios improved the franchisee experience, and optimized operating costs.
  • 30,000 franchisees worldwide would benefit from redesigned digital touchpoints that overcome the previous challenges.
  • Reduced frustration with the RBI technology platform
  • Franchisees now use transparent, reliable processes updated regularly by RBI.
  • New staff are onboarded faster than before.
  • Faster support turnaround times increase overall responsiveness to customer concerns.

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