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tec.nicum is an academic body that spearheads excellence in machine and industrial safety through comprehensive training programs and seminars. It is an independent service division within the Schmersal Group.

The experts at tec.nicum offer a capable, product- and manufacturer-neutral consulting experience. Its goal is to educate and inform on all the latest statutory guidelines and support organizations in designing their machines and workplaces to be norm compliant.

tec.nicum offers additional complementary services including workforce training, design and engineering consultancy, and the integration of safety solutions. The academy delivers unique value thanks to the objectivity of its manufacturer- and product-neutral consulting services.

  • Research
  • UX
  • UI
  • Branding
  • Usability Testing

Problem Statement

Kurt Andreas—part of Schmersal India—started a manufacturing plant in India consisting of seven manufacturing facilities. Trianz Digital Studio was enlisted to offer advice and oversight in pursuit of the following business objectives:

  • Eliminating Manual Processes and Transitioning to Digital Workflows
  • Task Automation to Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Greater Scalability Across Locations, Languages, Guidelines, and Specifications
  • Protecting Intellectual Property and Data
  • Higher Extensibility, Greater Potential
  • Cultivating a Market Differentiator

Project Solution

  • We bring a strong understanding of the Application from our previous assessment and how it must enable and connect specific users across the supply chain to deliver value to the business
  • We apply a Design-led engineering approach that optimizes the User Experience to onboard their customers into their portal
  • The end-state architecture will be a Logical Architecture, with components being deployed as microservices to enable loose coupling and independent deployments

The Business Impact

Schmersal managed to achieve all the initial business objectives as defined in the plan, along with some unexpected extras. As a result, it could accommodate more customers in more locations and languages. It now has the clarity and operational agility to work across what was a diverse and dizzying set of regulations, laws, and statutory guidelines in the industrial sector.

  • A new SaaS-based application model
  • Increased potential to save time and money
  • Greater awareness and effectiveness of work safety protections
  • Remonetizing and upselling multiple products
  • Uplifted operational efficiency
  • Greater process safety thanks to properly defined workflows
  • All-in-one application for order management, risk assessment, and risk re-assessment
  • Safety instructions available before recording
  • Transparent copyright notes

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