Restaurant Services, Inc. (RSI)

Restaurant Services, Inc. (RSI), is the supply chain manager for the BURGER KING® system and the exclusive purchasing agent for most products and distribution services used by RSI's members – BURGER KING® restaurant owners in the United States.

  • Research
  • UX
  • UI
  • Branding
  • Usability Testing

Problem Statement

  • RBI engages with franchisees using inefficient manual workflows.
  • Digital applications lack integration and extensibility, leading to franchisee dissatisfaction with RBI systems.
  • Operational Areas for Improvement: 
    Website, financial portals, and intranet communications are in dire need of digital transformation to improve the franchisee experience.
  • Perform a UX audit to improve overall effectiveness of current applications used by franchisees.
  • Assess the influence of point-solutions used by franchisees in context of challenges with RBI tool adoption and usage. Point-solutions are standalone solutions for a single use case, which is less efficient than an integrated operations platform.
  • Need to map the desired capabilities of franchisees against available system applications and perform a feature gap analysis.
  • Provide recommendations to improve negative experiences for both content authors and franchisees.

Project Solution

  • Provide recommendations to improve content authoring and franchisee experiences in the system.
  • Create concept designs for candidate applications, to clarify the future vision of the RBI system as a whole.
  • Perform a UX Audit and concept design to help RBI identify inefficient processes, operations, and technologies.
  • A strategy is needed to consolidate and reimagine IT application portfolio to improve franchisee experience and optimize operational costs.
  • Provide self-service tools for franchisees to decrease franchisee support cycle time and get the most out of a franchisee ecosystem’s potential.
  • By identifying pain points and redesigning digital touchpoints, the new launch will impact 30,000 Franchisees worldwide.
  • Franchisees want to increase ease of doing business with RBI.
  • RBI wants to help franchisees use tools more efficiently, to alleviate frustration.
  • Franchisees want reliable and transparent processes updated regularly by RBI.
  • Franchisees want a more comprehensive and faster onboarding experience.
  • Achieve quicker support turnaround times to respond to customer needs at the restaurant locations faster.
  • Create concept designs to explore what these RBI system apps could become in the future.

The Business Impact

Digital Studio implemented the following technology solutions to help the German client reach its goals:

  • The platform was redeveloped from scratch.
  • Multi-tenant, multi-language capabilities are enabled.
  • User journey aligned with user roles
  • Green field business platform was created as a one-stop solution for: usability, data entry, hazard point capturing, digital generation of risk assessment drafts and final documents, e-Share capabilities for documents, as well as invoice and purchase order generation in a single app.
  • The new platform is cloud-native, built on Microsoft Azure, with scaling potential to become a PaaS or SaaS product.
  • Automation of infrastructure build and deployment via Azure DevOps using the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) concept
  • Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) enabled by Azure DevOps for platform integrations and releases
  • Enabled key capabilities such as presenting screens, serving role-based product data to improve readability
  • Microservice component approach breaks features into easily manageable and deployable chunks

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