Customer & Employee Journey Maps

Use this single diagram to analyze your users end-to-end journey with complaints and appreciations to build empathy and then make strategic business decisions.

The power of journey mapping is to expose business leaders to an outside-in view of their business directly from the real people using their products and services. Journey mapping can kickstart start point projects based on problems uncovered, or a larger digital or agile transformation.

Maps for Healthcare

Launching a new treatment, drug, trial, procedure, or device can be simplified by mapping patient, healthcare practitioner and caregiver journeys.

Understand fears, apprehensions and needs from all directions and build solutions to systematically address concerns around adoption.

Maps for Retail

Whether using a loyalty program, subscription, rewards or e-commerce channels to drive sales and conversions, this map can show all the decision points and basket building opportunities along the entire customer journey.

Maps for SaaS & Enterprise

Successfully launch bold new features increasing utility and productivity of apps. Understand specific timing to deliver highest satisfaction by meeting biggest user expectations plotted on a journey map.

Of your customers feel that you are providing a great experience

Increase in market growth by implementing initiatives stemming from journey maps

Cost of reaquiring an unhappy or new customer than retain existing customers

Customers switch brands due to poor experience or an event in their journey

Our mapping process


Build Empathy

We collect qualitative and quantitative data through interviews, existing analytics, metrics and surveys.


Map the Journey

All the information is strung together in a diagram and then synthesized to their essence to determine user goals and sentiments along each step on the journey.


Align & Strategize

We break the organizational silos and give this singular view to orient all stakeholders around this customer experience and collectively ideate to create opportunities to shape the future state of the journey.

Trianz’s design strategists believe you can

Build positive opinions

Journey maps help businesses design for desired customers or employees behaviors so they become advocates of your products, services, brands and systems.

Getting real about customer’s perception

Look at all interactions that contribute to a customer’s sentiment during their interactions & accurately judge how customers are feeling.

Make bets on initiatives that matter

A customer journey map can get you very close making your customers successful. They will become your brands advocates and accelerate growth for your business.

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