Choosing the Optimal Cloud Migration Strategy for Your Organization

Speed, timing, and efficiency are critical measurables in modern business. And cloud analytics has rapidly become the powerhouse that drives each of these three aspects for businesses looking to thrive within their industry. Innovations and revolutions in technology have driven down costs and built effective cloud solutions to help organizations focus on the core components of their firm.

Shifting to the cloud has brought with it a host of advantages, including:

  • Lower costs and eliminating infrastructure management from your workflow

  • Near unlimited resources available to be brought online in mere seconds

  • A single central point to integrate diverse and distributed streams of data

Conventional analytics solutions are inherently limited, costly, and consume more resources than can be reasonably justified. While sunk cost and familiarity can play strongly on future thinking, your analytics solution could be the key component holding back your business and limiting its potential.

Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud migration doesn’t mean reinventing your existing solutions from scratch. Businesses often fear that shifting to analytics on cloud solutions means writing off work previously done, or discarding good solutions already proven to work. But this is not necessarily the case. There are several migration strategies available to take your existing analytics solutions into the cloud.

Nearly every migration project combines critical elements from multiple strategies. Trianz research and analysis teams work closely with your IT professionals to find the most appropriate course of action to take your migration process forward.

Lift and Shift

This is one of the most popular initial strategies, which also happens to be the fastest to implement. Lift and shift simply moves your existing analytics solution into the cloud, making minimal necessary changes to function in a new environment. A key benefit of lift and shift is its minimal disruption to supported services during the changeover period.Cloud analytics companies often advise lift and shift as a first strategy because it is fast, predictable, and economical. The result is a cloud product that functions almost identically to your original processes.

Lift and Reshape

Similar to lift and shift, lift and reshape reuses existing engineered solutions in a new environment. Reshaping means updating and upgrading supporting software to take advantage of modern services.

The new cloud solution will benefit from a more up-to-date environment, though it will require fresh rounds of testing and validation. Lift and reshape combines the speed of utilizing an existing solution with the advantages of using an up-to-date environment.

Re-write Applications

This approach invests the largest amount of time and resource into migrating to a cloud solution. The upside is an application that retains the core functionality important to your business. Decoupling your existing applications from on-site solutions allows you to optimize and improve your applications for use in the cloud.

Decommission On-site Services

Some businesses choose not to retain any services on-site at all. This approach replaces existing solutions entirely, shifting to more modern analytics platforms to future-proof your organization.

The advantages of more powerful modern tools are clear. While more costly, implementing new services can provide efficient and powerful new self-service tools to end-users. These tools have the power to accelerate collaboration and growth throughout the organization.

Transforming Your Organization with Trianz

Trianz specializes in fast, efficient migration solutions that serve your business requirements. Our analytics cloud consulting professionals have decades of experience in evaluating and implementing effective migration strategies.

Our experience and expertise mean you can be confident when migrating away from solutions that no longer work to meet the needs of your business. Switching to an analytics-on-cloud solution will power your business forward long into the future. And if you choose to work with us, we predict it will turn out to be a decision you wish you had made sooner.

Get in touch with our cloud migration specialists and find out which migration solution makes the most sense for your organization today.

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